6 Etsy Alternatives

Etsy is an online marketplace that provides a platform for independent sellers to connect with shoppers all over the world. On Etsy, consumers have access to millions of unique and handmade items that can’t be found in a brick-and-mortar store. Sellers have the benefit of global exposure and a simple way to make online transactions.

Etsy Alternatives

Etsy includes an array of different products including jewelry, clothing, home items, toys, art, craft supplies, and more. It’s especially popular as a place to find distinctive gifts for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and other special occasions.

Etsy has become a major name among crafters, small business owners, and even aspiring entrepreneurs. However, there are plenty of alternative websites available for those looking to put their products up for sale online. Continue reading to discover six fantastic virtual marketplaces that are comparable to Etsy.

1. Big Cartel

big cartel


What is Big Cartel?

Big Cartel has been around since 2005. It’s an independent entity that works to give artists, crafters, and small brand owners a simple way to open and manage an online store.

Big Cartel affirms that it’s a company “for artists, by artists”. The focus of this site is on the need, want, and potential of artists to earn money by following their passion.

How Does Big Cartel Compare to Etsy?

Big Cartel shares multiple similarities with Etsy but is also distinctive in a number of ways.

  • Fees

One main difference between Etsy and Big Cartel is fees. Big Cartel doesn’t charge sellers fees or take a cut from their sales. Etsy, on the other hand, charges three types of selling fees, including a listing fee, transaction fee, and payment processing fee. The absence of fees is one reason why sellers may prefer to offer their products through Big Cartel.

  • Artistic Focus

Big Cartel has a strong focus on artists, which is reflected in the products you’ll find through this online marketplace. Many sellers on Big Cartel are photographers, illustrators, and painters because Big Cartel makes it simple to put prints, paintings, photography, and posters up for sale. Etsy features products from visual artists as well, but it’s not the company’s main focus.

  • Store Customization Options

With Big Cartel, sellers open their own shop and are given the freedom to customize it with a selection of free themes. Etsy similarly offers customization options for sellers’ shops, but Big Cartel gives sellers more creative freedom and even the option to use a custom domain name when you purchase a monthly plan. So, you’ll see greater aesthetic differences between shops on Big Cartel than on Etsy.

  • Mobile App for Different Devices

Big Cartel and Etsy both have a mobile app so that sellers don’t have to take a break from their business when they’re on the go. On the Big Cartel app, creators have the power to manage their store and products from any device.

The Big Cartel app is a fantastic tool that allows sellers to create, manage, and reorganize products in their store. In addition, they can access their photo library to add new product images, make and edit discount codes, send instant receipts, track order shipping, print packing slips, and manage order details.

Another big perk of using the Big Cartel app is the option to sell products in person. When you make an in-person sale, this app allows you to accept cash or credit card payments by setting up in-app checkout and using Stripe or Square.

On the Etsy app, sellers have easy access to order information, sales statistics, and product listings. Sellers can make and manage listings, promote products by sharing milestones, and review tips for success generated just for them.

2. ArtFire

art fire


What is ArtFire?

ArtFire is an online marketplace designed for artists, crafters, and other creative types to display and sell their original work. Handmade goods, craft supplies and make up the product selection on ArtFire.

The categories of available products on ArtFire are jewelry, clothing and accessories, wedding, children’s’, home and living, craft supplies and tools, and entertainment. Each category has a boutique that displays individual products within the category. ArtFire also displays subcategories, such as “tech gifts” and “gifts for travelers” so that people can easily browse through products and find exactly what they’re looking for.

What Are the Differences Between ArtFire and Etsy?

  • Scale and Number of Members

ArtFire is a much smaller community than Etsy. While Etsy boasts millions of buyers and sellers from all over the world, ArtFire is a global community of mere thousands.

ArtFire’s smaller size as a company presents both benefits and drawbacks. On the bright side, artists have less competition, more exposure, and are more likely to be featured for potential customers to see. Unfortunately, the smaller number of sellers also means that there are far fewer buyers on ArtFire than on Etsy. So, there’s less potential business for artists

  • Craftsy Learning Center

One big perk of being an ArtFire member is a sizable discount to online classes through Craftsy. ArtFire wants to help their members expand their skills, hone their craft, and ultimately succeed. So, they’ve partnered with Craftsy, a crafting learning platform, to offer ArtFire members this special opportunity to grow as an artist.

  • Marketing and Promotional Tools

ArtFire automatically shares all artists’ product listings with the major search engines, making them visible for internet surfers and potential buyers. In addition, the site makes it simple to share products to social media accounts.

Etsy offers more advanced promotional tools to its members, including tools for creating social media posts, advertising using Promoted Listings and Google Shopping, and formulating sales or coupons. Etsy’s superior marketing tools are to be expected given the company’s size and scope; ArtFire’s promotional tools will still enable artists to advertise and encourage sales.

  • Online Forums

ArtFire prides itself on being a true community. As a seller within this online marketplace, you’ll have access to the ArtFire online forums. On these forums, you can interact with other sellers to gain insights, learn more about your craft, and make meaningful connections. The opportunity to meet other creators and artists will enrich your work and make the selling process far more enjoyable!

3. Zibbet



What is Zibbet?

Zibbet was made to showcase the work of creative individuals with the drive to start a business. It’s a virtual marketplace where sellers can put products up for sale; they’ll be listed for all Zibbet users to discover.

Over 58,000 independent creatives are Zibbet members. On this site, you’ll find handmade items, vintage items, fine art, and supplies. In addition, the Zibbet marketplace provides product categories similar to Etsy’s for shoppers to browse with ease. These categories are jewelry, home and living, kids, photography, and weddings.

Zibbet vs. Etsy: What Are the Differences?

  • Syncing Between Sales Channels

One feature that sets Zibbet apart from Etsy and other online marketplaces for artists is automatic syncing between sales channels. With this feature, artists can far more easily manage their products on Zibbet, Etsy, and Stitch. When a change is made to a product on one of these platforms, Zibbet will automatically update the others. When you make a sale, Zibbet will update inventory and import order details to each sales channel. It’s a simple way to stay organized and belong to multiple online marketplaces with ease.

Zibbet is always working to integrate more sales channels so that artists can gain as much exposure as possible. Zibbet is unique in that it encourages artists to sell on multiple platforms, not just their own. Selling across multiple online marketplaces will make you visible to more buyers and greatly boost your sales potential.

  • Monthly Fees

Whereas Etsy charges a fee per listing and transaction, Zibbet charges a flat monthly fee per synced sales channel. Zibbet’s flat fee approach is often preferred for its predictability and simplicity. You’ll know what the charge is for your Zibbet account each month–no questions asked. With Etsy, the fees all depend on the number of sales you make, which can’t so easily be predicted.

  • Zibbet Resources

Zibbet promotes growth and success among its sellers by offering a wide selection of helpful business tools and free online courses. These tools and courses enable artists to hone their craft, gain new skills, and advance their online business.

The free business tools provided by Zibbet include templates, worksheets, downloadables, printables, and more. This platform’s free courses include insight from established business mentors and coaches on topics including marketing and SEO.

Compared to Etsy, Zibbet has a greater focus on artist growth and fulfillment–not just on sales.

4. IndieMade



What Is IndieMade?

IndieMade is an online platform designed to help artists put their work up for sale and easily manage their business. While IndieMade isn’t a marketplace like Etsy, it’s similar in that its purpose is to help artists sell and promote their goods.

IndieMade was conceived by established independent entrepreneurs and artists. It’s built to fulfill the needs of individuals who are both an artist and a small business owner. A high-quality website is often the key to a successful business, and IndieMade is a quick way to get a great online store set up.

How Does IndieMade Compare to Etsy?

  • IndieMade Website vs. Etsy Boutique

While Etsy is a large marketplace that displays millions of online boutiques in a single place, IndieMade helps artists create a standalone website for their business. IndieMade enables artists to operate their business independently.

The main pro of having a website through IndieMade is independence. Instead of finding you through Etsy, customers will be able to go directly to your website and see what your business is all about. Also, a full website using IndieMade allows you to showcase your art in more detail and provide extensive information about your business. However, having an Etsy boutique grant you access to the millions of Etsy users worldwide. Artists should consider this tradeoff before creating a website with IndieMade.

  • Creative Website Features

The IndieMade website builder offers numerous advanced features for artists, allowing them to attract more customers to the site and make more sales. In addition to an online store and generic web pages, you can add an image gallery, web blog, calendar, and news page to your website using IndieMade.

The web builder on IndieMade gives artists far more creative freedom than is allowed through Etsy boutiques. Artists can alter the banner, graphics, logo, colors, and fonts of their IndieMade website, in addition to the changing the layout with one of many free templates.

  • Reporting and Analytics

Through IndieMade, you have access to reporting and Google Analytics for your website. These tools allow you to analyze information about sales cycles, product popularity, and web traffic to more efficiently run your business. With IndieMade, you’ll receive a higher volume of detailed information about your online sales than you would with Etsy.

5. Amazon Handmade

amazon handmade


What Is Amazon Handmade?

It may seem like Amazon is everywhere on the Internet today. So, it’s not surprising that the next Etsy alternative is Amazon Handmade. This section of Amazon.com displays products made by creative individuals from more than 80 countries across the globe. On Amazon Handmade, sellers are called “Artisans”

Amazon Handmade offers a wide range of one-of-a-kind products from talented sellers. These include jewelry, home, and kitchen goods, wedding products, clothing, shoes, accessories, bags, beauty and grooming products, stationery, party supplies, toys and games, pet supplies, sports, and outdoor products, and baby products.

How Does Amazon Handmade Compare to Etsy?

  • Artisan Application Process

Amazon Handmade requires potential Artisans to submit an application for approval. This platform has high standards for sellers and only accepts those with top-quality handmade goods. In addition to thoroughly reviewing applications, Amazon Handmade audits production methods to ensure that each Artisan is up to scratch.

Signing up as a seller on Etsy is a much faster and simpler process than applying to become an Amazon Handmade Artisan. However, Artisans on Amazon have access to a huge audience of potential customers, so it’s certainly worth it to apply.

  • Fees

Amazon Handmade is similar to Etsy in that sellers are charged fees when they make a sale. Payment processing, marketing, seller support, and fraud protection are included in the referral fee charged by Amazon Handmade with each sale. However, Amazon Handmade doesn’t charge any listing fees, while Etsy does.

  • Artisan Profile

Amazon Handmade allows Artisans to make a profile with a unique URL. In their profile, Artisans have the opportunity to introduce themselves to Amazon customers, describe their work, and share their passion. This is a great way for Artisans to establish their brand and gain exposure.

Etsy shops also provide a platform for creators to share their story and introduce their handmade products. However, the Artisan Profile on Amazon is designed to allow artists to delve into greater detail and truly connect with customers; the layout simply allows more room for sellers to provide information and personal details.

  • Access to Fulfillment by Amazon

Amazon Handmade Artisans have the option to utilize Fulfillment by Amazon, a leading fulfillment network worldwide. Fulfillment by Amazon takes a huge weight from Artisans’ shoulders by fulfilling orders in a timely, efficient, and organized fashion.

Fulfillment by Amazon provides space for Artisans to store products in Amazon fulfillment centers. From there, Amazon picks, packs, ships, and takes care of customer service inquiries for every sold product. So, all Artisans need to worry about it creating their handmade goods.

Etsy provides sellers the option of using Etsy Shipping. Etsy Shipping simplifies order fulfillment by providing shipping labels, calculated shipping, and shipment tracking. While this is an excellent service for Etsy users, it’s not as extensive or as advanced as Fulfillment by Amazon.

6. Bonanza



What is Bonanza?

Bonanza is an enormous online marketplace that can be compared to Etsy, Amazon, and eBay. It’s gained nationwide acclaim and been featured by CNN, TIME, Bloomberg Businessweek, and more.

Bonanza was designed for independent sellers to gain exposure and success with online sales.

How Does Bonanza Compare to Etsy?

  • Fees

While Etsy charges sellers a fee for each product listing, Bonanza doesn’t charge any listing fees. This online platform doesn’t charge sellers a setup cost, either, and listings don’t expire.

  • Import Products from Other Platforms

Sellers can get started on Bonanza quickly and easily by importing existing items from Etsy, Amazon, or eBay. Once imported, your Bonanza product listings will stay synced across all online platforms, simplifying the process of maintaining your virtual business. This feature is a major time-saver for sellers and isn’t offered on Etsy.

  • Bonanza’s Customer Marketing Tools

Bonanza gives sellers the freedom to market to existing customers affordably and conveniently. The Bonanza Customer Marketing Tools allow sellers to analyze customer data, create customer lists, and make coupons for targeted audiences.

Using the provided customer data, Bonanza sellers can review information about subscribers, previous customers, and prospective customers. This allows them to adjust their marketing techniques and create more effective marketing strategies. Customer lists created through Bonanza give sellers the power to categorize customers based on category preference, purchase history, and more. Also, targeted coupons enable sellers to promote repeat customers by offering special deals based on customer needs.


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