Fashion Police – What will be the Future?

fashion police

With the loss of Fashion Police’s life blood, Joan Rivers, a lot of viewers think that the show will never be the same again. But as the famous Hollywood adage goes- “the show must go on”. And it will. Fashion Police will still continue to air even at the absence of Joan Rivers who recently died at the age of 81 on September 4, 2014.

It is no doubt that this E! show is one of the most talked about (if not controversial) fashion talk show in the TV industry today. Thanks to the witty and sometimes, foul-mouthed, commentaries of Joan Rivers, it is getting the attention and spur that it deserves. Mellissa Rivers, daughter of the famed TV show host, confirmed that the Fashion Police will continue to run.

Co-host of the show Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne along with George Kotsiopulos will still be on the show. After the passing of Rivers, the show aired “Fashion Police: Remembering Joan” special. The show has gone in hiatus but will surely be back on by next year because it was clear that Rivers would still love the franchise to continue- even without her. The E! Network also received its blessing from River’s daughter, Melissa, to allow the laughter and her mother’s legacy to continue on with the show. River’s daughter is also the executive producer of the show. The next season of Fashion Police will be aired by January 2015.

Come January, the red carpet will be scrutinized by the Fashion Police without Joan Rivers. The upcoming Golden Globes is one of the most awaited events of 2015 with hundreds of celebrities parading the cameras. Can the three remaining co-hosts really step up to the game of Rivers? It will really be something missing without Rivers. Her funny antics will surely be missed. She is truly ‘the head of police’ on the show rummaging through celebrities’ looks and lashing out commentaries that are gutsy, and sometimes offensive. But if you actors get a nod from Rivers for their fashion style, they surely reached the Bingo. That simply means that they are truly spot-on fashion to get the approval of nastiest fashion reviewer in town.

Fashion Police is one of the outstanding fashion talk show of the decade with segments like The Five Must See Looks of the Week, Look Who’s Trending, Bitch Stole My Look, Busted, and Hot Ticket. There are also naughty segments like Rack Report and Guess Me from Behind, where the hosts guess celebrities based only on their cleavage and behind. The show is also viewer interactive via the segment Fan Find where audience can post celebrities pictures they want to be aired on the show via Twitter.

Will someone take the place of Joan Rivers? Is there a new Fashion Police host that will be coming in? The network don’t have any announcement on this yet and there are also no word from the co-hosts too if this is a route that the channel is going to take for the show’s survival.

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