Female Race Car Drivers with the Most Beautiful Faces

Male race car drivers come in hundreds, if not thousands. But women are not to be left behind. There are now an increasing number of women who have taken the sports of racing and have successfully made history. What’s more, some of them are so darn beautiful to be ignored. Here’s our list of the most beautiful race car drivers of all time.

race car

10. Rahel Frey


Rahel was the first woman who won the German Formula 3 race. She also conquered the A1GP and the FIA GT1 World Championships. This 28-year-old Swiss car racer is the kind of girl who always wants to go fast and never give up.

9. Madalena Antas

Madalena Antas


Madalena is a Portuguese race car driver who became very famous in the US. She races not just cars but bulky pick-ups and trucks as well. This bombshell doesn’t mind getting dirty, for she hits at sand dunes and jumps at trucks at the fast speed of 120 mph.

8. Alison MacLeod

Alison MacLeod


While playing on the race track with her go-kart when she was just seven years old, Alison has had that unmistakable taste of success. And that’s enough for her to continue on with her dream to become a full-pledged, well-accomplished (not to mention beautiful) race car driver of her generation. She started to race professionally at the age of 14 after being signed up by Ford Racing to race at the USAC midgets.

7. Maryeve Dufault

Maryeve Dufault


Maryeve started off as a beauty queen before she went into modeling. Only after have she finally decided to get into racing, claiming that said she needed the money to fund her races. This Canadian beauty finished 16th in the 2011 ARCA series. Not bad for a start.

6. Ashley Force Hood

Ashley Force Hood


Ashley Force Hood’s love for racing runs in her blood. And that could be the reason why nobody could stop her from getting on the tracks and driving the fastest car she can get her hands on. Her father was John Force, the NHRA Funny Car champion. She is married to Daniel Hood, who also worked for her dad. She became the official drag racer for John Force Racing.

5. Courtney Force

Courtney Force


Incidentally, it wasn’t just Ashley Force Hood who was influenced greatly by their father. Her sister Courtney apparently has had huge love for the sport too. She didn’t compete with her sister though. She waited until her retirement to curve her own name on the race track. And just like her father, she went on to become NHRA’s top funny car driver. She is also the first female racer to secure the first position in the qualifying round to eventually win the event.

4. Jennifer Cobb

Jennifer Cobb


A Kansas City native, Jennifer Cobb was among the high finishers for the NASCAR race series of 2010. She also drives trucks and does motorsports. She can practically take on any vehicle and have her competitors eating dust.

3. Shannon McIntosh

Shannon McIntosh Team True Car


Although young-looking, Shannon is not a teen but a 25-year-old race car driver who began her racing carreer with Cape Motorsports in 2011, where she participated at the Wayne Taylor Racing. She became the only female competitor who qualified for the US F2000 National Championships.

2. Susie Stoddart

Susie Stoddart


Hailing from Scotland, this racing babe is one of the top female kart racers in the whole world. She usually competes at the German Touring Car Championship, DTM. She’s among the handful females who can drive an Audi A4 or a Mercedes Benz C-Class in the proper way.

1. Danica Sue Patrick

Danica Sue Patrick


Born in 1982, this Illinois native created a name in the racing industry after placing third in the 2009 Indianapolis 500 race. That was also the best finish that any woman has ever achieved in the history of that particular race. Right now, Danica isn’t just inspiring thousands of female race car drivers around the world – she’s also empowering them. And because of her new-found popularity, this race car driver with a very beautiful face became the endorser of numerous brands and products, racing or otherwise. And she is not done yet. You can still catch her racing for GoDaddy, Tissot, Peak AntiFreeze, Aspen Dental, and TaxAct.