How To Fix Destructive Chewing in Rottweilers

How to fix destructive chewing in Rottweilers? When it comes to nature you will find out Rottweilers are so curious about it & love to explore their surrounding. In doing so, they love to chew random things present in your home. Did you find this habit continues in your rottweiler? Then it must be a great idea to get rid of it as soon as possible. Here, are some of the great ideas that will be helpful to fix the problem of gnawing or destructive chewing in your rottweiler.

Destructive Chewing In Rottweilers

Best tricks to fix destructive chewing in Rottweilers

Let’s talk about why your Rottweiler chew the things in your home & how to fix destructive chewing in Rottweilers? It must not be right to say dogs are rational creatures & so they don’t chew things just because to make you upset or spite you. Rottweilers are quite inquisitive like other dogs. They love to explore their environment & they engage their senses to do this:

from their sense of sight to their sense of smell, sense of touch & sure their sense of taste that leads to end up chewing. Especially this thing can be found in puppies. Puppies enter the teething process for around six months & this process can be awfully painful for your pup. So puppies try to deal with this discomfort by chewing things & that soothes their gums. If you find the problem continues to persist in your fully grown Rottweiler, there could be something else behind it, if this is the case, so that are the possible reasons for its destructive chewing habits.

Not Properly Trained

Make sure you’re aware of the background or history of your Rottweiler if he didn’t grow up with you else this could be the culprit. You must hire a dog whisperer or behavioral specialist.

Keep Calm

Don’t ever try to yell or shout at your Rottweiler if you caught him chewing any random object. If you do this then your dog will be influenced negatively that will encourage him to respond in the wrong way. So, you should be calm in such a situation.

Refocus Your Rottweiler Using A Treat

Best tricks to fix destructive chewing in Rottweilers

When you find your dog is adamant & don’t want to leave the random object he is chewing then show your dog a treat or his favorite toy to get his attention this is one of the best tricks to fix destructive chewing in Rottweilers.

Grab The Chewed Object

Boost up your energy & gear your body language towards your Rottweiler now let him understand that the object he has chewed is yours and not his. This will make your dog leave the object instantly.

Opt For Safe Chew Toys

The habit of chewing can be found in the puppy age. Just because of the teething process Rottweiler puppy tends to bite on anything that comes its own way, dogs actually like to use chewing as a means to get relief from the tooth pain. So you must purchase some safe chew toys for him that’s how you can stop your Rottweiler from chewing the objects.

Get Strict In Your Approach

We have discussed some tricks above if you find that the tricks are not working on your Rottweiler, then it would be a great idea to coat the furniture or any other objects with non-toxic material & don’t let your dog come near to it. This is how you can deter his taste & he won’t be interested in chewing the objects anymore.