Gear Up For ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ With Some Limited-Edition Merchandise


In case you’re closed out from the outside world, you might not have noticed that there’s this little game called Grand Theft Auto V dropping on September 17, 2013.

Rockstar has done a solid job in generating hype for the latest installment of their extremely successful franchise during the last year or so with viral campaigns. But, what’s one of the best ways to get the word out? That would be letting everyone on the streets know that GTA V is ready to roll out through some limited-edition merch.

While some of these items have been out for a bit, there’s still time to snag them to show your love for GTA V at the Rockstar Warehouse. And, did we mention that they will only set you back $20? Things just got sweeter.

Grand Theft Auto V Tee


A simple black 100% cotton tee with the familiar classic “V” emblem rocking the front.

Grand Theft Auto V Logo Tee

Another 100% cotton tee in black that features the official Grand Theft Auto V logo for the world to see.

Kifflom Tee

This light blue “KIFFLOM” tee was inspired by the fictional religious group in GTA V . “THE TRACT IS NOT YET WRITTEN” is on the back.

GTAV “Los Santos” Tee

This tee features a “Los Santos” logo on the front and is available in either black or white. It’s available for pre-order and will be released August 8, 2013.

Los Santos Sheriff Trucker Cap

If you want a lid to go with one of the fresh GTA V tees, here’s a classic green-and-white, mesh snapback with a “Los Santos County Sheriff” badge on the front. It retails for $15 and will drop on August 8.

We’ll keep you posted on more hot summer gear.

Images via Rockstar 

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