Go Fetti Presents: Paul Walker

As a writer, it’s always been about giving you the real entertainment that benefits you to laugh as you sit on your job. Now, even if you are just kicking back, you can enjoy this annotated video of Go Fetti Sauce game and Dysmanic in Oakland. Paul Walker is a viral project created by these two to see what the people who curate and watch videos will think when they see the SEO king in action. Sojones was recently in Oakland with Dysmanic and he had this to say:

Go Fetti sauce game is on a mission.
Go Fetti sauce game is on a mission.

Looking back at how “Paul Walker” started is kinda funny. Someone recently liked one of my video clips on Instagram, and it was a clip of the “Paul Walker” beat, or at least an early version of that beat. What was funny was that in the description I had said I was hella frustrated with the beat and that I was considering scrapping it or deleting it. Pretty sure I was being dramatic. I really don’t delete beats ever.

But somehow the beat went from frustrating the shit outta me to “alright, we’re gonna record to it”. Granted I do think that playing with the sequence numerous times helped solidify the beat.

So anyways, I had [Go] Fetti [Sauce Game] come through to the crib studio and I told him that I had this song idea.

We talking numbers on the board. #sojonesrapstory
We talking numbers on the board. #sojonesrapstory

It was a very rough draft, but basically I had the idea of doing a song titled “Paul Walker”. I showed him a couple beats that were possible candidates, but in the back of my mind I knew which beat would be the beat we’d use. And I was right.

As far as our process? Well, it’s pretty simple. We drink hella tequila, Cazadores of course; sometimes vodka too actually. Fetti smokes weed. Sometimes he has some Xanies. And then we go into the studio obviously feeling pretty good. It sounds like I’m putting us on blast, but obviously we have a system.

So yeah, anyways, we go into the studio and bounce around ideas, free flowing of course, at this point. Maybe we do a little freestyle session just to get the blood flowing up the brain cavity. And take note that Fetti can literally freestyle a whole verse off his dome in one take. Now whether or not we keep that take depends how well we feel it fits the record. But either way, that is an option. On “Paul Walker” you’ll notice that I’m rapping on the track too. The hook we wrote together; I had the beginnings of it, but we did polish it together. My first verse appearance was a freestyle, and my second verse section was some shit I had one my iPhone. And truthfully with our trust in each other, we both lend suggestions when piecing together our respected verses.

The next day we just walked around Fruitvale [Oakland, CA] and filmed ourselves for the music video.


You can watch the Paul Walker video at the link. Now, on to bigger moves with the marketing- what do you think can happen next with a growth hacker from palo alto? Along with doing the backlinks, we have a new album coming out after the EP is released.

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