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GoodWood jewelry began in 2007 in New York City. Kerri O’Connell is the founder of this unique line of jewelry. She decided to create a line of jewelry that was unlike anything that was currently on the market. She got the idea to create fashion forward urban jewelry, but with a whole new twist. The end result is a line of jewelry that has taken the street wear industry by storm.

Kerri O’Connell wanted to make jewelry that was edgy and fashionable. So she began hand making jewelry in the comfort of her own home. The only twist to this tale is the material that she was using is unlike its counterparts. O’Connell created all her jewelry from a block of wood. At first she just wanted to produce some beautiful pieces to make a little extra money. Before she knew it, they jewelry was a complete success and the GoodWood brand was born.

Kerri O’Connell uses wood to produce her custom jewelry because she likes the look of the finished product. Gold and silver are good mediums for creating jewelry, but wood has its own unique qualities. Basswood is the lumber of choice for the company. However, the brand does carry exotic woods for custom orders. Every piece of jewelry created is one hundred percent original. Customers can even create their own design and have it made to order.

An assortment of GoodWood's jewelry.
An assortment of GoodWood's jewelry.

The products created by this brand have gotten a lot of buzz from local retailers in New York City. Once this line of jewelry was discovered the jewelry stores were ready for the one of a kind products to go right onto store shelves. Such companies as MISS Cargo didn’t hesitate to start selling the pieces. The company also sponsors local events in the city that has also helped promote the brand.

GoodWood produces necklaces, rings, pendants and earrings for individuals who value creativity and unique artwork. The jewelry that is created by GoodWood can be purchased through their website. Consumers have the choice to purchase items that are premade or design their own pieces. Customers choose the exact design that will  carved into the piece and they can even choose a custom piece of wood. Exotic types of wood are carried by the company for these purposes. The jewelry can also be purchased through many online retailers and select retailers in New York City.

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