Hip-Hop Clothing Site Founder Might Sell Google′s Top Hip-Hop Fashion Domain

Hip-Hop Clothing Site
Hip-Hop Clothing Site

Hip-Hop clothing pioneer and young entrepreneur Rodrick Rainey founded what has become one of Google’s top ranked resources for Urban Fashion and trends. Entertaining millions of people with his Hip-Hop clothing industry news site over the past 6 years and helping brands get a view of what youth are thinking, the young entrepreneur thinks its time to move on.

When thinking Hip-Hop clothing, you may not think the name SoJones, but if you use Google for anything in Hip-Hop fashion you can not miss the site listing. A top result for Urban Fashion, Hip-Hop clothing, Rocawear Clothing, Baby Phat Clothing, Sean John Clothing, 8732 Clothing, Rich Yung Society, House of Dereon, Akoo Clothing, and LRG clothing, the sites consistent content release and age have made it the premier site for Google to trust in delivering key content.

SoJones, a slang the creator credits to the old urban saying of “Keeping Up With The Joneses,” is a title he feels expresses his target audience. Young, Fly, and Flashy as Jermaine Dupri might say, Rainey considers his target audience the regional trend setters for Urban culture and most loyal fashion forward people you will find on-line.

‘I have an amazing career from the fashion web site and its still providing. However, I feel like an artist… maybe like Jay-Z, Diddy, or Michael Jordan… I want to paint pictures forever of my passions but I have to change to a new canvas when I feel I completed a work. I got an offer from a basketball coach in South America, and seeing the world is my dream while basketball is that new canvas. I’ve always wanted to come for Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Garnett on the court. Basketball was my first anything,” says the site founder.

Founding the first Hip-Hop clothing site in 2002, Rainey converted the site to Sojones.com after meeting Raymond Roker of URB Magazine. “He is another successful minority in a relative industry. I had the domain and US trademark first but where I’m from, paper deeds do not come before character, words, and people. I was already thinking of changing the name and took it as a sign I would find more success in a new name. I did,” said Rainey of the meet.

The Sojones web site receives over 2 million hits monthly. It also surpasses 75,000 visits monthly from people seeking Hip-Hop clothing related information.

‘There is a lot more that can be done with the site. I won’t under sale my life work as any artist with logic, but anybody with web knowledge knows this is a multi-milion dollar domain,’ he continued.

In the recent years Sojones has been a multi-million dollar benefactor for Hip-Hop clothing retailers such as DrJays, Karmaloop, Eastbay, Rocawear, Baby Phat, Apple Bottoms, Sean John, and Lids.

SoJones is not yet listed on the sales market but Rainey and his broker are taking offers through e-mail (info@sojones.com) in preparation for the potential major web domain sale.

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