Hip Hop hall of fame launches $1 million campaign

With half a million dollars already pledged, we got this event popping off like it needs to! The funds for this event will be used to finalize the site lease, facility design, construction, equipment, staffing, and two years of operation. Perks include being a part of the first ever Fan Interactive Exhibit, discounts on Hip-Hop Hall of Fame Events & Merchandise, and for some fans, a life time pass to the Hip-Hop Hall of Fame Museum.


Another busy day in Harlem.
Another busy day in Harlem.

According to the press release:

Hip-Hop Global Media & Entertainment LLC team up with the Hip-Hop Hall of Fame™ + Museum™ (HHHOF) to announce the launch of their fundraising campaign benefitting the Harlem based Hip-Hop Museum on Indiegogo, the world’s largest crowdfunding platform. The campaign is looking to raise $1 million dollars in order to finalize construction and establish operations. As proof of the importance of this endeavor, one member of the community has already taken action in order to ensure the storied legacy of hip-hop is cemented for generations to come by extending a $500,000 Matching Challenge Fund Grant.

All fans, supporters, music lovers, and champions of positive youth development programs can make direct donations at http://igg.me/at/HipHopHallofFameMuseum.

Donors will have access to perks such as special mentions, gifts, merchandise, memberships, value packages, and tickets to upcoming concerts and fundraising events for their donations of all sizes and amounts.

“This is a great opportunity for the Fans and Community of Hip-Hop around the World to participate in finally opening up a Hip-Hop Museum in New York City,” stated Hip-Hop Fall of Fame Chairman J.T Thompson. “We can’t wait for everyone to experience the awesome museum + youth media academy, which is scheduled to open in spring of 2015.”

check out sojones daily for hip hop swag.
check out sojones daily for hip hop swag.

Fans and Supporters can also become ‘Founding VIP Members & Fans’ of the HHHOF by making a $35 donation directly to the Hip-Hop Hall of Fame + Museum on its website at http://hiphophalloffame.org . The first 100,000 who sign up for $35 will be inducted in the museum’s ‘Fan Wall of Fame’, the first ever Fan Interactive Exhibit inside the Museum, presenting their name, photo, and video message. Membership includes Certificate, 10% discount on HHHOF Events & Merchandise, and discounts from participating retail and corporate partners. The first 10,000 “Founding VIP Member & Fans” will receive a life time pass to the Hip-Hop Hall of Fame Museum.

The Indiegogo campaign funds will be used to finalize the site lease, facility design, construction, equipment, staffing, and two years of operations for the Hip-Hop Museum and the Youth Media Program and TV Studios. There will be job opportunities, internships, and volunteers needed for this historical effort. The HHHOF is a 501c3 Non-profit Museum and Educational Institution whose mission is to Preserve, Archive, Exhibit, Educate, and Showcase Hip-Hop Music & Culture from around the world.

The Pop-Up Hip-Hop Museum exhibits will come from the HHHOF and various collections. The goal of the visitor center is to broaden exposure, access, and education to the arts by sharing the diversity of real Hip-Hop Music & Arts Culture with children, youth, families, fans, and tourists who may only see videos and hear music on the radio and not know the true elements of hip-hop culture. These exhibits will also tour schools, cities, and countries with programs and curriculum’s that demonstrate how Hip-Hop Culture has significant contributions and social, educational, and economic impacts around the world.

All the history right here with SoJones!
All the history right here with SoJones!

For more information, media & press inquiries, interviews, or sponsorship opportunities, and partnerships contact or follow us at HipHopHallofFame.Org, Facebook.com/HipHopHallofFame or Twitter.com/HipHopHoF.


The Hip Hop Hall of Fame and Museum, Inc. is the fully chartered nonprofit museum and educational institution that exists to educate, inspire and entertain fans, visitors, tourists, and scholars from around the world about the history and significant contributions of hip hop music and culture that continues to have a major socio-economic impact on urban and pop culture worldwide. It will carry out this mission through building and operating a world-class museum that collects, preserves, exhibits and interprets this art form and through its archives, memorabilia, documentaries, and library as well as its educational and entertainment programs.

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