How to get your Instagram post on explore page ?

What is the importance of getting on the Instagram Explore page? When it comes to Instagram, coming on its Explore is like being exposed to millions of eyes. Your reach drastically increases, which eventually leads to growing Instagram followers fast, more, more engagement, more leads, and eventually revenue generation.

The Instagram page is like a collection of content that is based on the user’s interests. It also has the performing posts in their interest areas. No two explore pages are similar because the algorithm curates the content according to the taste of each user.

As already mentioned, Every brand should focus on getting on the Explore page because clearly getting on it means that your target audience, who is interested in content like this, sees you. Your brand will have increased visibility which comes with several benefits.

How exactly does the Instagram algorithm works? No one exactly knows. However, there are certain factors on the basis on which Instagram personalizes the Explore page:

  • Posts that are new and see a lot of engagement
  • The content which you regularly engage with
  • Accounts that you’re already following
  • The kind of posts that get engagement from people you follow

As a Business account or an influencer, you stand a good chance to get on the Explore Page.

In this article, We will talk about five ways to get on the Explore Page of Instagram.

1. Post-Engaging Content

The first and foremost thing is to post content that is engaging. No matter how many strategies you use, If your content is not worth getting attention, it won’t. There is just one rule on Instagram, i.e., customer happiness. If the user is satisfied with your content if you produce content that is valuable to you in some way or another, and if it is creative and engaging, then there is no way you won’t make it to the Explore Page. So value the time of your users. Ask yourself. If you were the user, would you stop to see that content? Will you make an effort to comment on it? Or, just like thousands of posts, you will just scroll by?

Therefore, post Engaging and valuable content.

2. Post at the Perfect time

Now, this may sound a little controversial. How can one exactly find the right time to post? Sure. There is no perfect time, but there are times when posts get more engagement than others. For example, if you post at 2 in the middle of the night. There is more than a 90% chance of your posts not getting engagement simply because most users are not active at this time. And when they do get active, your post is curbed under the fresh posts. What you can do is, First, don’t post at a time when most users are inactive, and Second, Look deep into your followers. Go to your Insights and analyze the activity of your audience. Find when your audience is the most active. Post at that time.

3. Use new Formats

Instagram regularly creates new formats, and using them gives you an edge because Instagram wants those features and formats to succeed. Take the example of reels. Now reels have a separate tab for it. Therefore create a lot of reels and also try some other formats.

4. Invest in Ads

Reaching audiences depending on organic posts only can be difficult, especially when there are thousands of accounts like you who are eyeing similar attention. If you have the budget which allows you to run ads on Instagram, then you can do it as well. If the paid ads can amplify your effort and content a little, then what’s the harm? The ads don’t guarantee you being on Explore Page, but it still shows your content on their feeds which is also significant for your content visibility.

5. Use the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are the most crucial part of getting on the Explore page. The hashtag will help the audience to identify what exactly your post is about! Using the right relevant hashtags could be a deal breaker for your content to get on the Instagram Explore page. Use a mix of top hashtags as well as hashtags that have fewer followers because it will expose you to a more niche audience.

The Bottom line is that getting on the explore page isn’t rocket science, and by following all these above-mentioned stuff, you can even also able to grow 10k Instagram followers fast, Having the mix right and creative content clubbed with strategies of using hashtags, New Instagram formats, paid ads and an understanding of what your audience needs is the perfect balance to appear on the Explore page.