David Banner Plans To Launch Mississippi Pimps Clothing Brand

jan_12_david_banner_announces_plans_for_mississippi_pimps_clothing_line_01David Banner is launching a line of athletic apparel and jerseys to honor Emmitt Till, a teen who was murdered in Mississippi in 1955 for whistling at a white woman. “I’m wearing a 55 on my chest for the year he got murdered,” Banner said. “I’m trying to have everything in the store, around summertime.”

Two white men were acquitted by an all white jury for the murder of Emmitt Till. You may recognize the name from Kayne West’s hit song “Through the Wire”. The Rocafella artist spit a line saying “Scared as hell that a guy look like Emmit Till”, referring to his looks after his own car crash in Chicago, Il. West used this line because the young Emmit Till was beaten so bad by racists, many people could not believe the look of the young boys body.

Banner’s Emmit Till jersey will be only one part of the all jersey sportswear clothing collection Banner is releasing under the brand name “Mississippi Pimp”.

Samples of the sportswear line can be seen in all of Banner’s videos including the major hit “Like A Pimp”.

The jerseys have also been seen on 106 & Park and in quite a few magazines that Banner appeared on.

Another part of the “Mississippi Pimps” collection includes area code jerseys. Banner popularizes his hometown area code in most videos by wearing jerseys with 601 creatively placed on the body.

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