Young Jeezy Launches On-Line Store for 8732 Clothing Brand

Young Jeezy

Rapper Young Jeezy has launched the official on-line shop for his clothing brand entitled ‘8732‘.

Launching somewhere in the first week of January, items from the clothing line are selling fast.

According to company sources, Young Jeezy wants his clothing line to be very exclusive. Very few retailers, in comparison to the high demand for it, will be allowed to sell the 8732 clothing brand. It is unknown yet if the Georgia-born, Atlanta rap star is discussing business with Def Jam CEO Shawn Carter and Rocawear’s staff, but it does look as if marketing guidance has been given. Specifying locations to sell brands is a new tactic being used by Urban & Hip-Hop clothing brands to increase the hype and consumer value of products.

Sources also revealed to SoJones that plans to collaborate with new fashion designers generating buzz on and off-line is an interest of brand directors. As the young trendy audience of today is calling for more original and eccentric design work than ever before, the brand is definitely having to review all optional directions it can head in.

Previously entitled USDA clothing, the government of the United States prevented Jeezy from using the U.S.D.A. acronym, which also stands for the United States Department of Agriculture. He then changed the brand name to 8732 which can spell out USDA on a phone’s dial pads.

The rapper’s first foray into the clothing world was a success, when his frowning “snowman” promotional T-shirt-shirt became one of the most bootlegged T-shirts-shirts of 2005-2006.

The shirt was banned from numerous school systems because of its alleged drug references.

Young Jeezy said the new line will feature a deep variety of urban wear. “The jackets, the sweat tops, the Bronze jeans,” Young Jeezy said. “The jeans run anywhere from $120, tops at $120, but you know it’s some nice s*** man. I mean its all snowman.”

Promotional discounts available for will always be available on’s on-line stores page.

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