Jay-Z Ventures Into The Consumer Package Goods Market


Yes folks, our Sojones hero Shawn Carter has jumper into the convenience stores and nationwide for real now! The new Arnold Palmer drink is sure to whet your appetite for a real refreshing treat. We hope he can ship us over some, but in the meantime here’s the scoop:

  • Jay-Z will sell exclusive content with the drink
  • It is inspired by his nightclub line, 40/40
  • The cost is $1.99/bottle

Think you want a swig of Jay-Z’s version of the Baltimore origin drink? Kevin Liles is known throughout the industry for marketing, and Mariah Carey also has a drink out under his direction. Liles has a strategy for everything he is doing, so the issue is having to find people willing to buy drinks when they already need to find revenue streams in music in the first place. The catch is the QR code you can scan that gets you the content, taking you behind the scenes of everything you could ever dream to know about the man from Brooklyn who is climbing the charts at an enormously fast pace. Jay-Z’s fans will love this for everything possible:

  • Deciphering lyrics to new songs
  • Tour info
  • Hustle tips: kind of like an ‘art of hustle’ part 2! (shout to Yo Gotti for his marketing savvy, maybe they should link up on drink revenue money!)


Here’s Liles with the scoop on how you gotta try this drink:

If you think about 40/40, you think about sports, you think about great events, you think about having fun, you think about, “Hey, when Jay’s going on tour with Beyonce, how do I get VIP access?” We have video, galleries, contesting, all sorts of things. Some of the content up there now is just stuff that happened at the club, and we’re in the process of uploading video from Jay. They’re committed to releasing exclusive things: sometimes you might have a world premiere, go to a 40/40 bottle and check out this new song from Jay-Z. Mariah, too. I’m working with all the partners to come up with experiences that are unparalleled on any other network.


So you think you will want some of this, Sojones reader? We know that times are hard out there, but if we get a giveaway we will make sure to get you all some of this drink. All the money is just flowing in today’s economy, so supporting your nationwide, hard working hip hop artists will make sure to get you a perfect suit for whatever the weather is. Numbers for both drink are already in stores and doing at least 1K a week. Soon, there will be more drinks in 7,500 different Walgreens and Duane Reade branded stores. So which one are you grabbing next time your at the gas stop, SoJones reader? super-bowl-weekend-jay-z-650-430-650x400

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