Jill Stuart

Jill Stuart. Acclaimed designer.
Jill Stuart. Acclaimed designer.

Cute and sugary girly-wear, but always sensual and effervescent fashion. This is Jill Stuart at a glimpse. A sportswear label born in 1993, and is now responsible for delivering beauty, fragrances, handbags, shoes and watches to fashion addicts worldwide. A fashion forward designer and a powerful woman, Jill Stuart is the creative force behind the label. And together with her husband and CEO of the company, Ron Curtis, they are building a fashion empire to last.

Jill Stuart was born into the world of fashion. Her mom and dad owned the 1960’s and 1970’s sportswear sensation Mister Pants. Her mom, Lynn Stuart, was a famous designer who dressed many red carpet celebrities, including Natalie Wood, Lucille Ball and Sheila MacRae. Jill Stuart is extremely proud of the legacy of her family and recognizes the early influences which determined her future career in the fashion industry. “I was born into this business. It’s in my blood and my genes. I live for it and I’m very passionate about it. As a child, I remember hearing about the business at the dinner table every night, from the designers of the fabric to the collection to the ad campaign and the contractors.”

By age 15, Jill Stuart was selling her first line of bags, belts and jewelry to Bloomingdale’s. Kalman Ruttenstein, Bloomingdale’s senior vice president of fashion direction, recognized her talent as a designer and simultaneously displayed her debut collection in the windows of Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Henri Bendel and Neiman Marcus. After such a debut, Jill went on to study fashion and art at the Rhode Island School of Design. There she met Ron Curtis, a fellow artist and producer of an off-Broadway play. They married in 1986 and still have a rock-solid marriage.

Jill Stuart Fall 2009: Black Passion and Rock & Roll
Jill Stuart Fall 2009: Black Passion and Rock & Roll

Jill opened her first fashion store in 1988. It was a 400-square-foot boutique on New York’s Upper East Side, at 22 East 65th Street, between Madison and Fifth Avenues. She learned a lot from direct interactions with clients and was determined to put to good use the experience. And she managed to do just that in 1993 with the launch of Jill Stuart sportswear label, which at the time was called Skinclothes. Jill Stuart brand first line featured flirty leather slip-dresses, jackets, jeans, shirts and kilts and made a big splash in the industry. However, the label really took off in 1995, when pieces from Jill Stuart Collection were showcased on star Alicia Silverstone in the Paramount movie Clueless.

During the mid-1990s, Jill Stuart started to become a global brand expanding with huge success, especially in Asian outlets. Stuart received major attention here stateside in 2007, when the label hired Lindsay Lohan as the first non-model celebrity in the line’s ad campaigns. Jill Stuart’s creations are always on the catwalk during Fashion Week at the New York Public Library and she is always on the lookout for the new trendy look. And Jill sure knows how to turn her ideas into reality. “I’ve always believed in my designs. I’m pretty aggressive and pretty persuasive and I won’t stop once I’ve started on something,” Jill declared to fashion journalists.

Today, Jill Stuart Collection is featured into 100 boutiques all over the world, including a flagship store in New York’s Soho. Celebrities like Leighton Meester, Kate Bosworth and Hilary Swank are spotted wearing Jill’s designs and fashion magazines like Women’s Wear Daily, W magazine and Teen Vogue are praising her work. So, if you want to respect the trends visit DJPremium and other online store for some Jill Stuart fabulous garments.

Jill Stuart

Jill Stuart is a brand that is most characterized by sweet, fashionable girly wear. The collection from this brand has an effervescent appeal that is perfect for today’s teenagers and young women. Each piece is bound to get you admiring glances from guys as you walk down the street or when hanging out with friends. The fashion design of Jill Stuart creations are definitely one of a kind. So if you’re looking for update your wardrobe with new and exciting pieces, it’s time to check out the clothes from Jill Stuart.

Stunning Apparel

Jill Stuart made a big splash in the industry on its very first debut. The line of leather jackets, slip dresses, flirty skirts, kilts, and fashionable tees immediately captured everyone’s attention. There is something for every woman here. Whether you want to emphasize your strong personality or look cute and flirty, you can mix and match items from Jill Stuart’s collections to achieve the image you want.

The brand’s denim and jean wear lines are also designed to flatter a woman’s figure. Check out their products and you’ll see the difference from other brands. The fabrics are comfortable, durable, and fashionable. You’ll be confident day in and day out when you pair Jill Stuart jeans with their blouses. It is no wonder that an increasing number of fashionistas are choosing this brand among all others.

Sports Wear

Everyone wants to look fashionable wherever they go. Just because you went to gym to sweat it out doesn’t mean you’ll need to look dowdy when doing so. Jill Stuart has launched a sportswear line that will meet your needs. Skinclothes is the label under Jill Stuart that is sure to motivate you to go outdoors for some physical activity or hit the gym.

Beautiful Accents

The apparel from Jill Stuart can easily be complemented with the variety of items available on the stores. These include shoes, handbags, watches, and other accessories. You’ll definitely look fashion-forward if you choose to get your clothes from this design house. Jill Stuart also has a line of fragrances for sophisticated young women who want to enrapture their man.

You can be assured that the shoes, handbags, and watches are made of high-quality materials and meets top quality standards. There is no doubt about it: Jill Stuart creations are made to be worn proudly. Make a lasting impression today by choosing Jill Stuart as your brand of choice.

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