Jimmy Jazz Hip Hop Clothing Store To Launch JimmyJazz.com Store

jimmy-jazz-hip-hop-clothing-store-to-launch-jimmyjazz-dot-comFor years, Hip Hop consumers that travel to New York City have marveled at the Jimmy Jazz store which carried all of the latest Hip Hop fashions. Shopping free of clothing taxes in New Jersey and heavy in New York close to consumer destinations, the store is a favorite of many. Looking to advance itself today, Jimmy Jazz has announced plans to launch JimmyJazz.com in early 2009.

With over 65 stores, the JimmyJazz.com e-commerce web site will attempt to bring Jimmy Jazz more current with competitor e-stores such as DrJays, Man Alive, and Phunk Fashion. Officially launching in the Spring of 2009 according to reports by Jimmy Jazz’s design firm Avatar, hundreds of items will be available to on-line shoppers. Sites such as Hip Hop clothing news and forum community site Sojones.com are already looking to help usher in the company with great force.

“I am a fan of the Jimmy Jazz store. I used to buy a lot of Nike Dunks and Air Jordans from them. I also remember shopping at the Jersey City store for all my Rocawear boxers especially. They always had a good discount on Hip Hop clothing that nobody else offered. Always employing the urban community it served,” says Sojones.com founder Rodrick Rainey of the Jimmy Jazz store.

The Jimmy Jazz web site will not only offer a Hip Hop clothing store but will also feature a blog with news and media content focusing on urban culture. A Jimmy Jazz video player will be available where site visitors can watch recent in-store events, fashion shows and other urban essentials.

Until Jimmy Jazz’s launch, fans of the store can find other Hip Hop clothing stores on-line at www.SoJones.com. The Hip Hop clothing site has available discounts and information about all major Hip Hop clothing brands as well as discount codes and coupons for their on-line stores.

Jimmy Jazz was founded over 20 years ago in 1989 and currently has over 65 stores in the United States. Recently launching 3 stores in North Carolina, the Jimmy Jazz clothing retail chain is constantly expanding.

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