WNBA Washington Mystic Players Tamara James And Nikki Blue Want Womens Hip Hop Clothing Sponsors

Apple Bottoms, Lady Enyce, Rocawear, and other Hip Hop clothing brands have just been made an offer to become sponsors of a new fashion market. Professional basketball players Tamara James and Nikki Blue of the Washington Mystics want WNBA players to start seeing endorsements from Hip Hop inspired clothing brands.

James, who refers to Blue and herself as the Divas of the team, considers herself a Baby Phat Goddess. “I have Baby Phat shoes, I have Baby Phat underwear, I have Baby Phat clothes, shades, everything. I think I’m going to go ahead and meet Kimora and tell her that she needs to let me go ahead and model her clothes for her,” said James with a smile.

The two players also spoke to reporters about how their closets consisted of other Hip-Hop inspired brands such as Rocawearand Apple Bottoms.

“It’s a new market. Hip Hop clothing brands are needing to embrace a new market such as young, athletic or athletic-interested ladies. Why not start in DC, the chocolate city,” says Rodrick Rainey, owner of Hip-Hop clothing Industry News and information site, SoJones.com.

While no responses have been announced, Blue describes herself as a diva that’s strong mentally but very in touch with her fashionable, womanly side. She says there’s many young athletic women such as herself that have the energy, style, and swagger to make a room of people, look at them. Hip Hop clothing brands should want their clothing worn by stand out women such as WNBA players.

Blue and James were both selected by the Mystics in the 2006 WNBA Draft. While they are just beginning their second season as teammates, both have had interests in clothing and fashion for years, considering themselves the team Divas.

While Nikki and Tamara are happy to have each other, they are not content with the rest of their Mystics teammates being un-diva like. They have been on the recruiting trail this season in search of candidates they like to call “Divas in Training,” similar to the name of Kimora Lee’s Baby Phat Diva Trainer shoes.

The top Diva in Training so far has been DeLisha Milton-Jones. James says Milton-Jones is the only one that has the diva attitude that is necessary to play on her and Nikki’s level. However, James said that Milton-Jones still has some off days that need to be fixed.

“I am a diva in training. I’m still waiting to get my diva broach,” Milton-Jones said. “I don’t think I’ve passed the test just yet. I’m not sure what I have to do. They have to put me through an initiation trial and if I pass I think I’ll get my broach one day.

SoJones.com plans to interview an WNBA player more in depth on this subject and hope to sit down with someone such as Nikki Blue, Tamara James, or forum user Jessica Davenport of the New York Liberty.

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