Fetish Clothing Being Relaunched By Rapper Eve

Rapper and actress Eve Jihan Jeffers is relaunching her clothing line, Fetish.

Fetish by Eve first debuted back in 2003 but the brand was unexpectedly cancelled due to multiple problems between the rapper and partnering company, INNOVO GROUP. Three conflicts made public by the rapper and Fetish sources were production materials, retail delivery, and Eve’s dislike for the design direction.

“[Fetish] was a very juniors line and I didn’t want to wear it,” Eve said to reporters. “They were like ‘more branding, we need “Fetish” on the chest, give us some rhinestones.’ And I was like, ‘No, I’m not wearing that,” said Eve in 2004.

The relaunch of Fetish will reflect the Philadelphia born rapper’s new sense of womanhood, sexiness, and class. “The new concept is gonna be me, more grown-up. It will reflect more of my style” said Eve.

Hesitant to bring the Fetish line back out, Eve only agreed to do it because an exceptional partner and fashion idealist came along. That partnering company is Signature Apparel.

“I always liked the Fetish name and admired Eve’s style,” says Chris Laurita, president of Signature Apparel.

Eve stressed to Laurita she wanted the “new product to be upgraded with better fabrics, modern styling and more fashionable pieces.”

The result is a full young contemporary sportswear collection, that includes leather jackets, oversize sweaters, high-waisted denim jeans and skirts, leather pants, wool plaid shorts and a few logo t-shirts. The Fetish clothing brand is looking to stay away from overly saturating the designs with the brand name.

Fetish by Eve will be previewed on SoJones.com’s fashion discussion board as photos are made public. Requests for the brand can also be left for public review on the Hip Hop clothing industry site’s forum or Fetish news article page.

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