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Jennifer Lopez, also known as J-Lo, created two clothing brands alternate from her original “J-Lo” label since 2001. Lopez launched both Sweetface and JustSweet clothing brands, catering to two different markets she is relevant within.

JustSweet Clothing founder Jennifer Lopez
JustSweet Clothing founder Jennifer Lopez

Sweetface clothing, launched in 2001, is a chic brand that’s constantly evolving with the demands of the high fashion diva market. The diva-tude brand caters to the sophisticated and confident lady who embraces her sexiness and class. Lopez created this brand with thoughts of quality, elegance, and street sensibility.

Since it’s launch, Sweetface has done exceptionally well, selling successfully across the world and making headlines for days after collection launches.

In late 2007, stemmed from the success of Sweetface, Jennifer Lopez launched the brand “JustSweet” catering to a newly formed juniors market. New trends, unique styles, and a more girly market created the perfect void for Lopez to insert a Sweetface-simliar junior’s line. From the sighting of that void was birthed JustSweet clothing.

Some fashions from JustSweet Clothing.
Some fashions from JustSweet Clothing.

According to the brand site, a Justsweet girl is a style seeker that uses daring femininity to exude confidence and liveliness. She is always up for adventure and has an irreverent spirit. Justsweet appeals to such a wide range of women as it crosses multiple generations and touches on a variety of style preferences. This line embodies an aesthetic that is intended for a woman who is energetic and daring, yet chic and sophisticated.

Launching JustSweet.com in 2007, the brand designs, demand, and buzz has landed millions of streaming revenue from the urban fashion’s e-consumers. Since it is brand direct, the site also has become a consumer favorite because JustSweet.com usually gives it’s official site shoppers a discount code of 15 – 30% to enjoy shopping further. The JustSweet brand works in affiliation with Sojones On-Line to present codes regularly.

When you mention the name Jennifer Lopez many images may come to mind.

Beauty.  Drive.  Grace.  Elegance.  Hustle…Style.

Her aura of confident yet elegant sensuality has translated into a persona that millions of women around the world have aspired to.    She was able to successfully capture this essence with her  latest style venture – a clothing line named Just Sweet.

Ms. Lopez is  no stranger to the fashion industry – having been a style maven since early in her career.  In 2001 she took her urban street flair and designed a signature, urban line centered around T-shirts and denim, and named it – J. Lo by Jennifer Lopez.  Shortly after this release, she went on to introduce her high end, high fashion brand named Sweetface. Jennifer  decided to develop the JustSweet brand in late 2007, to fill the market gap between her two existing brands and create something with a more universal appeal.

Ms. Lopez describes JustSweet as a brand that “every woman can wear”.  While debuting  her new clothing line at NY fashion week in fall 2007, she explained, ” Girls who are young are going to feel sophisticated in it because it does have a chic kind of feeling to it. But people who are older who wear it are going to feel young, flirty, and fun.  It really has a nice mix.”

JustSweet can best be described as feminine, lively, and confident.  Unlike her other brands, where women would definitely have a specific style preference, this line is designed to appeal to all age ranges and across a variety of styles.  The designs feature a nice balance of energetic and daring as well as chic and sophisticated.

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