Kani Ladies

Kani Ladies – clothes for glamorous women.
Kani Ladies – clothes for glamorous women.

Kani Ladies, a hip urban clothing collection, was formally launched in 2001. It is currently one of the best street fashion clothing lines for young ladies. It started as an undersized clothing collection sold next to the Karl Kani men’s collection. From its humble beginnings, Kani Ladies has transformed into a reputed clothing line which caters to the hip and chic women of today.

20 years in fashion

Kani Ladies is the little sister of Karl Kani, a popular hip hop line. In 1989, Karl Kani rose into the fashion mainstream as an established hip hop brand. Carl Williams, designers for both labels, was inspired by enthusiasm and childhood dream to combine hip hop fashion and music.
Williams went through a rough time while starting his line in Los Angeles, California. For years, he was plagued by challenges he himself had imposed for himself. Williams repeatedly asked himself, “Can I do it? Can I build a fashion empire? Can I become the ‘Ralph Lauren’ of the streets?” These questions – all starting with ‘Can I’ – became the source of the brand’s name. Williams replaced the C with K and came up with “Karl Kani.”

With his unwavering dedication for his craft, and his lingering passion for hip hop in mind, he decided to go back to his hometown – Brooklyn, New York – to create a clothing line for his friends and celebrity clients.
Karl Kani saw the opportunity to launch a woman’s collection alongside his famous men’s line. Kani Ladies was released and displayed beside Karl Kani’s hip hop men’s collection. The appeal of his menswear collection transcended to trendy urban women who adored the Kani Ladies’ fashionable clothes.
True to its slogan “Kani Ladies, for every moment in your glamorous life”, fans of the clothing line adore their Kani Ladies duds (which are comparably cheap compared to other brands) for every event in their lives.

In 1998, a small Kani Ladies collection was made available in Europe. The following year, Urban Trends Trading B.V. procured the exclusive European license agreement and the right to sell the American line throughout the continent.

From a small collection beside the men’s line, Kani Ladies currently enjoys the fashion status of its male clothing line counterpart. Showing its flexibility, Kani Ladies has crossed over from specializing in urban wears to producing street-inspired fashion.

Ten years after its inception, Kani Ladies continues to stand for what a “glamorous” girl lives for. The feisty brand has been featured in a number of top fashion magazines such as Glamour, Elle Girl and Cosmogirl. The versatile urban wear line, sold at select stores in Europe, continues to make waves in the biz with its fashionable jeans ($27-$40), dresses ($15-$60), tops ($8-$39), shorts, jewelries, bags and shoes.
In 2008, Kani Ladies went back to its roots by making its first U.S. appearance through Tom Kaulitz, guitarist of rock band Tokio Hotel. He was seen donning Kani Ladies clothes despite the clothes being meant for women. Just goes to prove that Kani Ladies is very versatile.

The same year, Kani Ladies widened its horizons by launching an official lifestyle blog. Besides fashion, the blog features fashion, gossip, music, beauty and well-being news and articles.

The line’s 2009 Spring/Summer Collection aligned itself with the season with its “sunny” items. The collection is made up of four themes, namely: First is Tropical Jungle, a Kani Ladies sub-collection which can help you enjoy the summer with must-have beach essentials such as colorful beachwear, bags, and flip flops. Color Blocking, meanwhile, embodies its name with its hip colors and crystals.

The Ethnic theme, on the other hand, is made up of colorful textiles, prints, beads, and leather straps. For paisley and color-lovers, the Gothic theme is perfect for you. If you like to dazzle your friends, wear Kani Ladies’ denim line in different washings and colors – green, pink, and purple.

The new Kani “Lady”

Meet Kani Ladies’ newest muse: Phoenix native Shay Dechelle.
Meet Kani Ladies’ newest muse: Phoenix native Shay Dechelle.

In 2008, Kani Ladies launched a modeling campaign for young, aspiring models. The winner, Shay Dechelle, became the new face of the 2009 Fall Collection of Kani Ladies. The 25-year-old Phoenix, Arizona native emerged victorious from a pool of 2,000-strong model wannabes.

As the new face of Kani Ladies, Dechelle modeled for Dutch photographer Ruud Baan in Paris, France. Besides winning a 5-day all-expense paid European trip, and $1500 worth of Kani Ladies apparel, she also received a V.I.P invitation to the premiere showing of “Notorious,” a movie about the life and times of legendary rapper Notorious B.I.G.

Kani Ladies

Kani Ladies is what the American Dream is all about – glamour, self-expression, and dreams coming true. It is street fashion that can easily go high end when the situation calls for it. This brand is rooted on the subculture of Hip Hop, where everything is comfortable, fun, and musical. The only major difference with Hip Hop is that with Kani Ladies, women can be as feminine as they want, without sacrificing their personalities.

Hip and Chic

Everyone in the ‘hood wears the same kind of things: comfortable tops, baggy sweatpants and jeans, statement tees and hoodies, and bling. Kani Ladies can provide you with that, and more! Kani Ladies allow ladies to be the hippest chick in the ‘hood, while giving them the opportunity to be sexy, chic, and classy when beyond the confines of the ‘hood.

For example, Kani Ladies has baggy sweatpants that serve useful in jam sessions, dance-offs, or even a capoeira class. But once date night starts, Kani Ladies also has skinny jeans that show off those legs and curves every girl deserves the right to show off. They also have tops that can bring you from a dance number on the dance studio, to a dance number in the middle of a hip club. Kani Ladies allows you to be as hip as you want without sacrificing any of your chicness, and vice versa.

Kani Ladies From Head to Toe

Hats, accessories from blings to bangles, and footwear – these are a few of what Kani Ladies has to offer. You can literally cover every part of your body with Kani Ladies! With the number of different designs and different types of items this brand has, you are certain to never run out of fashionable options.

As for clothing, they also have everything from tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets, underwear, and swimwear. You can go for a traditional Hip Hop look with hoodies and baggy sweatpants, or you can let your feminine side show with some pretty dresses and sexy tops. What with every piece of clothing providing comfort while showing off your individuality, style, and class, there’s really little left to ask for.

Kani Ladies for the Best Ladies

Show of you femininity and personality with Kani Ladies. Kani Ladies is available where the Karl Kani Hip Hop fashion brand is found. Kani Ladies is also available online, directly from Karl Kani’s site, or from other major online retailers.

Be glamorous with Kani Ladies!

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