Kanye West Plans Launch of Mascot Clothing and Mascot Footwear Lines

Mascot and Kanye West
Mascot and Kanye West

KanYe West, probably one of the hottest rising talents of hiphop currently, is planning to release his new brand, Mascot clothing. Kanye’s clothing line is rumored to be hitting stores before the end of 2004 according to MTV and a representative for West.

Known for his suave, pretty-boyish style when it comes to Hip-Hop fashion, Kanye’s clothing line is sure to include a more preppy look, logically thinking.

Following the launch of Kanye West’s clothing line will be the “Mascot Trainers.” Currently in the initial design stage, the Mascot trainer shoes will be part of KanYe’s Mascot footwear collection. No definite launch date or pertinent information has been posted for their Mascot Trainers or Kanye’s clothing line.

Keep in mind KanYe isn’t completely a stranger in fashion however. Nor is he a rookie to marketing the clothing and fashion accessory products. Known for his Luis Vuitton bookbag and Ralph Lauren shirts, KanYe was sure to eventually realize his own, self-marketing worth as he already promoted a “Jesus” medallion released by Jacob, supposedly as a design that was made and customized just for himself.

KanYe, who’s Just coming off success from his debut album has been changing hiphop standards in music from fashion to lyrical content all year. His latest video, “Jesus Walks”, which even had a “church” version”, shows much versatility from the young Rocafella artist’s career.

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