Kendrick Lamar for Reebok’s Ventilator Day Glo

Kendrick Lamar for Reebok The partnership of Kendrick Lamar with Reebok continues on as he becomes the ambassador for the brand’s newest release, the Ventilator Day Glo. In line with its promotion, Reebok Classics Presents created a short film entitled “Be Ventilated”. The said film will feature Kendrick Lamar, who, since the start of his collaboration with Reebok, has been regarded as sneaker world’s game changer. The promotional film features Lamar modeling the provocative and vibrant colors of Reebok’s most innovative sneakers yet. The Ventilator Day Glo is clearly inspired by the 90’s design yet it looks very modern with Lamar’s message of positive self-expression. The film’s ultimate message is this: Be the best version of yourself. And that encompasses the physical, mental, and social aspects. But what’s most notable is how Kendrick Lamar’s very own personality perfectly fits his role as a product brand ambassador. His simple yet cutting edge style is the same as the Ventilator Day Glo’s trailblazer innovations. For more information about the Ventilator Day Glo, check out Reebok’s official website.

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