Latrell Sprewell Lands Deal with Dada Shoe Company For Spinning Rim Sprewell Shoes

Latrell Sprewell, the Minnesota Timberwolve’s explosive 2-gaurd, released what everyone oringally knew as “Sprewell Rims” over 1 year ago. Why were those rims such a big headliner in hiphop car news? Simply because they were the first of their kind. The first rims that kept spinning when the car riding them stopped.

Every celebrity and car enthusiasts bought the rims as they “Sprees” a.k.a. “Sprewells” were a must for anybody trying to flex their financial stature.

However, in present times, Latrell is plotting something different.

Sprewell with the help of Damani Dada clothing is trying to release a new “Dada” shoe that has rotating rims inside the back panel of the shoe (as seen in the bottom, right side news picture). This would mean even people walking can turn heads with their new Sprewell sneakers.

“It took our designer a year to make the final touches” said Lavita Williams, co-owner and president of Dada.

During press time Dada also made comments stating that the release of the new Sprewell shoes is what they hope to be there start in closing the gap between themself and major sneaker competitor, Nike.

While Nike does have more Jordans, Dunks, Air Force 1s, and Lebron “King” James’ shoes to be released, even they admit sales are not what they used to be due to competition and the black market.

A sneaker market analyst told SoJones On-Line, “If they market the shoe right it can be huge. It wouldn’t be wise to go for certain post-teen markets as I’m sure they know, but it can definitely be a huge sneaker for the produer (Dada).”

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