Lil Flip Launches Clover Footwear and Clothing Line

Rap artist Lil Filp was brought into a major spotlight through his 1st hit, “This is the Way We Ball”. As a Texas artist, he also filled a void left in a Texasless Hip Hop industry that was once filled with H-town talent.

Topping video charts and ranking high on the billboard’s hiphop singles chart, 2004 has been even more success for Lil’ Flip with the release of his latest single “Game Over”. Off the strength of that power single, Flip’s album debuted at number one on the charts, destined for platinum plus sales.

While a lot just listen to his music and don’t notice his trend setting capabilities, people are having to rethink how Lil’ Flip has effected the dress of urban culture across America. Solely, Flip is one of the causes many youth have been going wild with high fashion designer paint jobs for their car exteriors, interiors, and even clothing. The past two summers in fact, Flip has influenced the clothing and accessories of millions.

While he has worn an airbrush of himself that mimiced the Air Wear NYC ghosting portraits, Flip usually has a lot of original fashion ideas he presents in his videos. And even then you can’t hate Flip because as some inside sources told SoJones, the shirt mimicing Air Wear NYC was provided by his personal stylist.

Beyond what he’s wearing personally, big news for Flip is totally new to Urban music and fashion business. Lil Flip has began investigating how to start a sneaker company or have his own shoe designed under a major shoe label such as Nike, adidas, or Reebok.

Beyond the footwear business, the Houston, Texas rap phenom wants to release a Clover clothing line as well.

Both lines are expected to feature the signature Clover Gs symbol Flip usually promotes on his products. Running off the Clover G symbol, SoJones predicts the clothing line to have a chosen theme color of green.

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