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Live Mechanics showing their style in this ad.
Live Mechanics showing their style in this ad.

Live Mechanics clothing brand was spawned from the fusion of music and the streets. Shaking up reality through art, music and an appreciation of life’s challenges, Live Mechanics has been a force in the world of street couture since 2000; offering a new conscious line bound for revolutionary achievement. It was created to be an answer to the fast changing climate in today’s world of street wear.

The brand started by printing tees and sweatshirts while building strong roots in its California home base through our familiarity with our customer base and our marketing expertise. Since this time we have taken our flare for graphics and moved to a full scale line.

In February 2002, at the Magic fashion convention in Las Vegas, owner of Live Mechanics, Osa Odiase said, “We are doing very well. The word of mouth is going out and we’re getting people coming back and reordering. We have more people than last time, with walk-ups and appointments.”

Today Live mechanics is a leader in a new market that has developed out of the street wear markets progression from the look of yesterday’s suburban and urban apparel business. Live Mechanics can be found in some of the worlds hottest retailers, including Le Shop (Paris), Mash (London), Yukon (Munich), Stackhouse (New York), Fred Segal (Los Angeles), Untitled (Chicago), and True (San Francisco).

The Mission of Live Mechanics:

There has been an obvious change in the direction of street wear over the last two years. This change has been marked by retailers ranging from department stores to independents looking for product with more mature edge to it. This area of fashion has been coined as “New Metro” by Izzy Isrealson of Up Against the wall. As a company our focus is set on capitalizing on the street development of this new area and opportunity in fashion that few companies have been able to meet over the last couple of years.

Live Mechanics clothing continues to achieve this effect: incorporating a more conscious outlook into our product by exploring the differences in the world’s rich cultural, musical, artistic, political landscape into street clothing for people from all walks of life. Our strength lies in the multicultural group of individuals that work closely to leverage a passion for putting together creative graphics m our eye for directional fashion design and the ability to interpret imagery inspired by the real world into our garments in a way that is fresh, unique, and speaks to our market place.

Live Mechanics: Triple P Philosophy: Passion, Pain, Progress

The company’s Triple P Philosophy states that a legacy cannot be left, forward movement achieved or self-realization fulfilled without… A genuine, bona fide expression of Passion for that which we may endeavor to accomplish and life dedicated to the realization of ideas which others only dare to dream. The strength to overcome the Pain of disappointment , the ability to pick yourself up when you’re down and the resolve to try again and again until you make it to the end of that road- no matter what. The perception to recognize Progress when it has been achieved and the wisdom to build a better day and shape a meaningful life upon the passion and struggle you set out with.

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