Madonna falls on stage during Brit Awards

Well we sure know that Madonna still wants to be known as the fossil of the industry that everyone still loves and worships. This can only mean that Taylor Swift is the fashion queen of the industry that Kanye wants to work with. We are starting to get why Katy Perry called Kanye the ‘villain’ of the music industry. According to the Daily Post:

Still going hard. Maybe a song with Drake comes this year?
Still going hard. Maybe a song with Drake comes this year?

Madonna fell down a set of stairs during her much-anticipated performance at the Brit Awards last night, London’s Daily Mail reported. Dressed as a Matador, the pop superstar was singing “Living for love” when a dancer pulled her Armani cape before she had time to untie it. The 56 year old fell off a stage prop and landed on her back and shoulders in front of a shocked audience that included Taylor Swift at London’s O2 arena. The seasoned performer was quick to stand up and dust herself off. She shed the cape and continued singing her new single that includes the lyrics “I’m going to carry on” and “Lifted me up, and watched me stumble.”

Fans on Twitter applauded her perserverance. The singer reassured fans that she was “fine” and even praised the Armani cape that was designed for the show. “My beautiful cape was teid too tight. But nothing can stop me and love really lifted me up!” she said.

Well shout out to palo alto for that update, and now that we have sexy Taylor Swift in that famous dress, we will shed light on the glory that is her:

doesn't she look regal?
doesn’t she look regal?

Maybe you like to see sexy Rihanna wearing Supreme, but either way we got all the gossip and fresh fashion looks that will have you looking like you came off the runway with Ms. Swift. What have you been wearing to work? With a better sales understanding and network like we have, you know that we will enjoy writing about what you need to know when you are at the water cooler. Also, just know that the BRIT awards was huge this year for another surprising reason- Kanye performed his new song “all day” with flamethrowers!

Must have been a great show for everybody. #kanyeflames
Must have been a great show for everybody. #kanyeflames

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