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Mecca USA – designing trendy clothes since 1994.
Mecca USA – designing trendy clothes since 1994.

Mecca USA was founded in 1994 by sportswear visionary Mike Alesko. Since then, it has been the brand leader because of its enduring styles, trendy designs and reasonable prices. Mecca goes far beyond just fashion with its men’s, women’s, children’s clothing lines and footwear reflecting more than just fashion. Mecca is an urban way of life.

Mecca USA is a pioneer in urban wear. The company sought inspiration from hip hop and its birthplace, New York. The “city that never sleeps” has helped dictate the protocols in urban wear for over 30 years now. Consequently, it helped define Mecca USA’s fashion philosophies.

The brand’s defining moment came in August 1994 during “Magic International” the largest bi-annual trade show held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The inauguration of Mecca was historical, its products (placed inside and outside the trade show) and marketing strategies have proven that the label can respond to the tastes of trendy people.

Outside the urban populace, Mecca’s tasteful clothes have earned the respect and admiration of celebrities and personalities from the portals of film, television and music. Although the line just came out in 1994, celebrities such as Bill Cosby and Will Smith have already donned their own Mecca favorites in their shows The Cosby Show and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Mecca’s reversible hoodie is one of the company’s bestsellers.
Mecca’s reversible hoodie is one of the company’s bestsellers.

The late great rapper Notorious B.I.G. gained accolades as a great rapper in his music video, “Juicy,” wherein he wore the Mecca “Chursky” Soccer Jersey. All this unprecedented popularity took place even before Mecca was officially launched in retail stores. In 1995, Mecca USA was made available in retail stores. Its consumer reach spanned and reached greater heights with the company’s commercialization.

The focal point of Mecca is its appeal and its ability to remain as a center of fashion attention. From a sportswear company, Mecca has bloomed into the menswear brand people know, respect, and love today. Throughout the years, the brand managed to cater to the fashions of the numerous aspects of a man’s life. Mecca continues to come out with a unique collection of garments that fuses the tastes and personalities of each and every person.

Unique pocket styles, self-fabric applications, and stitch treatments make Mecca pants perennial bestsellers. Non-denim pants, on the other hand, continue to draw attention because of its fashionable twills and cotton ripstop textiles. Mecca’s tees and polos are not your usual tops because of its trendy application and stitch techniques. True enough, Mecca is not like other urban clothing companies because of these trademark designs.

The clothing company aims to provide the consumers from all over the globe with a variety of clothes that correspond to their tastes. Although Mecca USA’s main audience are 15 to 30 year old males, the company has now developed into an all-around clothing line, catering to the fashion needs of people from all ages, sizes, and sexes.

Unique appliqués and stitch details make Mecca pants a hit with the urban youth.
Unique appliqués and stitch details make Mecca pants a hit with the urban youth.

In 2002, Mecca USA asserted its role as a fashion industry leader by expanding and creating Mecca Femme. The New York-based women’s clothing line takes urban sportswear to a whole new, more fashionable level. The reasonably-priced collections are inspired by music, and American and European Fashion. Mecca Femme has been flaunted by fashionable celebrities and personalities such as Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Queen Latifah, TLC, Vivica Fox, Maegan Good, aspiring models from America’s Next Top Models, among many others.

Mecca Femme jeans, which are made from cotton and spandex, have been hailed as one of the “best” in the world because of its exceptional, curve-hugging fit. Mecca Femme truly caters to women from all walks of life. While its competitors shied away from big women, Mecca Femmes embraced womanhood in all shapes by offering its tees and active wears in plus sizes.

Besides creating hip and trendy women’s wear, the company has also developed and released its own line of children’s wear and footwear. Now, each and every Mecca fan can don his or her favorite brand from head to toe.

As Mecca celebrates its 15th year in the industry, it continues to cater to the fashion-forward people with its unique and original designs. With its expansion, Mecca proves that it can dominate the different fashion genres – whether be it men’s, women’s, or children’s.

Mecca USA

It all started with a vision. Mecca USA was founded on the concept of providing consumers with fashionable clothing with trendy designs at affordable prices. Since its launching, it already created waves in the fashion industry. Men’s, women’s, and children’s wear were all affected by the entry of this brand. The impact of Mecca USA is undeniable. It has become a favorite go-to clothing line for urban dwellers.

Children, teens, and adults from all walks of life choose to wear Mecca USA because of the quality, comfort, and design of their clothes. The brand is a pioneer in urban wear, offering innovative items that can be worn in a variety of ways. One of its bestsellers, for example, is the reversible hoodie. It’s a two-in-one apparel that packs a lot of punch.

Hip and Fun Clothing at Affordable Prices

When you look at some of the urban brands in the market today, it would be understandable if you got the shock of your life upon seeing their prices. Mecca USA offers an affordable option without sacrificing quality. You’ll enjoy the same trendy clothes without breaking the bank. Rappers, hip hop artists, and high-profile celebrities have been seen wearing clothes from the company.

Its unprecedented popularity made it a favorite among the fashion-forward set and trendsetters. Yes, aside from its attractive pricing, Mecca USA is never behind when it comes to modern designs. It’s one of the strongest brands there is and the company continues to create collections that has a unique blend of street and class. You are sure to find something that will match your personality perfectly.

Get the Special Treatment

The collection from Mecca USA is never boring. Each piece of clothing features something special that will make you fall in love with it. Whether it’s the unique back pockets of denim jeans, fashionable twills, or the use of exotic materials, there will always be something that catches your fancy. Their tees and polo has features the brand’s trademark designs.

There’s a lot of things to like about Mecca USA. It’s a brand that’s been created with the urban youth in mind. Browse through their collection online. You won’t be able to resist.

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  1. Mike Alesko financed the venture and we started Mecca USA!! Tony Shellman,
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