Money Clothing

It’s safe to say that you can wear enough wealth to fund a rural bank with Money’s 18 carat gold belt and dollar-lined bag.
It’s safe to say that you can wear enough wealth to fund a rural bank with Money’s 18 carat gold belt and dollar-lined bag.

In 2003, Nick Cordell and Melvyn DeVilliers founded an urban clothing line named “Money.” The following year, they welcomed Takashi “Maru” Marujo to their design team. The Money trio then started to make fashion history by creating clothes they are “proud to wear, not just because of the label, but also because of the product itself.”

The designers are proud of designing clothes sprinkled with their own dose of attitude and style – street cred, London swagger, Japanese attention to detail, and obsession with quality. Besides the natural flair, Money garments are made with high-quality materials and textiles.

During Money’s early days, the brand specialized in graphic tees and sweats. These clothes, in fact, continue to be fan favorites because of the trademark KingApe™ logo. Bestsellers include tees printed with the “Pornoflage” logo (a fusion of camoflauge and topless 70’s starlets), and the Apetooth Check – a geometric pattern of KingApe™’s head.
KingApe™ remains to be the “King” of the “Money Jungle.” Here is one of Money’s bestsellers – the KingApe™ sweater.
The Italian population warmly responded to the line, and as a result, Money was able to work hand-in-hand with Italy’s finest clothing manufacturers. Up to now, Italy remains to be Money’s land of “Milk and Money.” Its clothes are the favorites of the youth, including a number of top football players.

As time progressed, the brand diversified its collection to cater to its ever-growing fan base. Although its trademark tees are still for sale, the design trio is focused more on creating tasteful clothes with unique fabrics. Maru has made this a possibility by forging ties with his home country of Japan. Now, Money works with Kojima selvedge woven on vintage looms for the denim jeans. For sweats, Money works with 1950’s French Terry jersey and slow-knitted in Wakayama.

This all-around brand caters to men from all walks of life by manufacturing tees (about $45), jackets (about $165), and hoodies ($155) in sizes from Medium to 4-XL; and denims (from $100 to $165) which are available from size 32 to 44.

True to its name, Money incorporates real currency in their clothing lines. Some garments feature dollar denominations from $1-$100. In the 2008 Spring/Summer Collection, Money introduced its “Trainer Line,” with colorful leather tops lined with one dollar bills. There’s a high-end “Trainer Line” top as well, featuring 100% Italian leather lined with authentic $100 bills. Recently, Money has included in its garments a Columbian bill and a 3-peso Cuban Note featuring sensational leader Che Guevarra.

Money is proud to have their merchandise embellished with expensive bling as well. TI was spotted sporting a Money 18-carat gold studded belt, which costs a whopping $40,000, in a MTV Awards appearance. Besides this, Money, with the help of Wendy Brandes Jewelry in London, had created another 18-carat gold belt, weighing over 3.3 pounds. The “Swag Bag,” on the other hand, is a duffle bag lined with REAL fifty dollar bills. It includes 18 carat gold embellishments and expensive Italian leather. Money also manufactures jewelries which are the total definition of a rapper’s bling bling. Talk about MONEY!

Chris Brown looks dashing in his Money Clothing button-down sweater.
Chris Brown looks dashing in his Money Clothing button-down sweater.

In its six triumphant years in the fashion industry, the company has attracted a number of bankable personalities as fans. The foremost patrons include American hip-hop artists Jay Z, Chris Brown, Neo, Hank Shock Lee, Ray J, Lil Bow Wow, Rocco Tomorrow, TQ, and D La Soul. It’s also the favorite brand of a number of European soccer players like David Beckham (formerly of Real Madrid, now with LA Galaxy), Alberto Gilardino of AC Milan, Jay Simpsons of Arsenal, Ashley Cole and Shaun Cummings of Chelsea. Other celebrities and personalities who adore Money are Spencer Pratt, Andruw Jones (LA Dodgers), Shaun Parks, Tamer Hassan, Leo Gregory, Warren Brown, Bashy, Jaime Winstone, Adam Deacon, Ricky, Johnny (The Troubadors), Amir Khan, and Jason Punchen. The line was also featured in magazines such as King, Complex, DNR, Source, and Antenna.

Money has also added a new clothing line under its ward, Money SevenFifty. Like its predecessor, it specializes in graphic tees, leather jackets, denims, shoes and jewelries. Money SevenFifty is currently available in stores in Cruise (Belfast, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle) and Harvey Nichols (Leeds, London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Dubai).

Money Clothing can be bought at Harvey Nichols stores (Worldwide), Bauhaus (Hong Kong), Penelopy’s (Italy), Up Against the Wall (US) and Independent retail stores across the United Kingdom, Scandinavia and Italy.

Money Clothing

There are a lot of things money cannot buy; like fashion sense for example. With Money Clothing, you can cover yourself from head to toe with stylish clothing without breaking the bank. The company specializes in creating apparel and accessories that are youthful, fun, stylish, and comfortable. Money Clothing sells shirts and tops, bottoms, and all sorts of accessories imaginable. And deceiving as the name may be, Money Clothing is not all about the money – for its price and style, Money Clothing truly ends up being more about the clothing.

Make Your World Go Round with Money Clothing

Here’s what most of the youth do nowadays: sleep, wake up, eat, surf the internet, go to school, and indulge in a multitude of hobbies. The youth of today is much, much busier than the youth of centuries, even decades past. With this abundance in number of activities and affiliations, the needs of today’s youth have also upgraded accordingly. In addition to the demands of their everyday tasks and activities, the expectations society places on propriety, appearances, and carriage must also be addressed.

Money Clothing makes tops and bottoms that can get you from any of your activities to the next on and so forth in a heartbeat. With the sheer variety and distinctness of their designs, you can rest assured that you can find what you need while maintaining your own personal brand of uniqueness.

Stand Out with Exquisite Fashion Design

Money clothing has almost hundreds of different designs for tops and shirts. You are sure to find the perfect outfit for every occasion. Their shirts will look fresh throughout the day from ball practice, to the movies, then to some fancy dinner. As for bottoms, Money Clothing has jeans and shorts for casual wear, trousers for semi-formal and formal wear, and track pants for sports and exercise. You can completely cover yourself in money – Money Clothing, that is – by purchasing some of their underwear, outerwear, shoes, and accessories.

Put Your Money In Some Money Clothing

There’s only so much money can do. But with Money Clothing, you can do almost anything! Invest in some Money Clothing items today! The quality and style of Money Clothing is definitely worth every cent you put into it.

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