8 Most Expensive Fountain Pens

A fountain pen is not only a useful tool to have for writing but one that can be a unique way to show off your personality with its numerous designs. While there are plenty of cheap fountain and ballpoint pens to buy, these aren’t always the most durable and don’t tend to write very well. Because of this, it’s ideal to consider investing in an expensive fountain pen which will not only last you for many years but keep your writing smooth. This article will explore more behind why fountain pens are important to use as well as some of the priciest models on the market today.

What is a Fountain Pen?

A fountain pen is a pen that uses a nib rather than a roller ball. Inside the pen is a small case of ink which feeds to the top of the nib when it’s flipped over. This is mainly due to the gentle pressure you apply and the force of gravity which causes the ink to drip out. When you’re done using it, you can place the pen back into an inkwell or put a lid on the top to help protect the nib and prevent the ink from drying out. You’ll also find that fountain pens come in various designs and can sometimes be customized.

Why Use a Fountain Pen?

So, why use a fountain pen over a drip pen or cheap ones you can buy in stores? While there are many benefits that come with using a fountain pen two of the best reasons to use one is because it’s usually made of durable materials and flows well when you write. Below are some other reasons why a fountain pen might be ideal for you to use.

No Pressure is Necessary

Unlike other pen types which need you to use pressure in order for the ink to flow, fountain pens don’t require this. Besides helping you to write smoother, no pressure eliminates hand and wrist pain as you won’t have to apply extra force in order to write.

It Doesn’t Leave Behind Empty or Faint Spaces

Sometimes when writing with a regular pen you might find that certain loops and strokes might be very faint or the roller ball might not have caught the paper. This can make it a bit difficult to read what you wrote or make your writing look jagged. Fountain pens work to prevent this because instead of an unreliable roller ball, they use a nib. The nib keeps the strokes even and ensure the various widths are smooth.

They are Available in Various Ink Colors

Another great benefit of fountain pens is that they come in numerous ink colors. This way, if you prefer to write with vibrant shades, you can. While it’s true that most similar pen options do have different ink colors, fountain pen color ink is bolder when applied.

The Nib Comes in Different Grades

Many fountain pens can also have their nibs customized to various grades. This means you can have the nib write with a very fine grade or one that is thick and bold. Sometimes nibs are interchangeable so you can invest in a few different types and change them out when necessary.

Expensive Fountain Pens

Caring for Your Fountain Pen

Fountain pens require a bit more care than other types of pens. To help keep your pen working for many years, you’ll want to remember some of these maintenance tips.

Clean it Occasionally

Surprisingly, fountain pens should be cleaned every so often. This helps to prevent ink from drying up and causing stains to its exterior. It also removes any dust inside which can cause the pen to not work properly.

Don’t Apply Hard Force

Fountain pens are meant to glide smoothly across paper. Because of this, you don’t want to apply extra force to it. Otherwise, it could tear the paper and damage the nib which can eventually cause your fountain pen to break.

Watch the Paper You Use

Due to the sharp nibs many fountain pens come with, you need to be careful with the type of paper you use it on. There is special paper designed to be used specifically by these pens which can help to prevent the nib from scratching its surface and from ink seeping through it. Paper designed for these writing utensils tend to have a smooth glossy surface and is somewhat thick to help absorb the ink.

What to Consider Before Investing in a Fountain Pen

There are a few things to consider before investing in a fountain pen. Below are some important aspects to keep in mind to ensure you buy the right product for your needs.

The Design

One of the most vital things to consider is the design of a fountain pen. This includes not only the exterior portion of it, but the interior workings as well. Is it made with a strong housing, like platinum? Can it be customized? How much ink is included inside? By keeping things like this in mind, you can be sure your fountain pen will last you for a while and works well for your needs.

The Nib

You’ll also want to consider the nib of the fountain pen. This is what will release the ink to the paper and glide it into the strokes you are going to make. You should consider the construction of the nib and make sure it is durable. Ideally, especially if you plan to invest quite a bit into one of these products, you’ll want to look for a material like 18K gold. This is not only stylish, but very durable as well and will help you to glide over your writing material easily.

Another aspect about the nib to consider is the grade type. Some nibs will write in a very fine grade while others will use more ink to create bolder handwriting. You should consider the grade you prefer to ensure that the ink released is adequate for your needs.

If It Comes with a Protective Cover

After making a hefty investment, it’s important to keep your fountain pen protected. Many products will come with an inkwell or lid to place the nib in or a wooden case with protective padding to keep it secure. Despite these pens tending to be very durable, they can still get scratched if not moved around with caution.

The Priciest Fountain Pens to Invest In

Aurora Diamante Fountain Pen

Most Expensive Fountain Pens

Source: Richpeoplebuy

This fountain pen is made by Italian company Aurora and is considered to be one of the most expensive pens in the world. In fact, it’s so expensive and exclusive that only one model is made per year. The Aurora Diamante Fountain Pen is made with a platinum barrel that is encrusted in 30-carat De Beers diamonds. On the top of the pen, you’ll find an 18K gold nib which only adds to its luxury. This fountain can also be personalized with your initials, portrait, or coat of arms.

Van Cleef & Arpels Mystery Masterpiece

Most Expensive Fountain Pens

Source: Luxuryexperience

The Van Cleef & Arpels Mystery Masterpiece is a stylish addition to add to your fountain pen collection. It features a white gold body that can be encrusted in your choice of either rubies, emeralds, or sapphires. Once you make your decision, jewelers will add up to 70 of these jewels on your pen.

Omas Phoenix Fountain Pen

Most Expensive Fountain Pens


Source: Omas

The Omas Phoenix Fountain Pen is inspired after the mythological Phoenix which is depicted on its exterior. This cone-shaped pen features a 950 platinum and yellow enamel housing and an 18K gold engraved nib. This nib is designed to roll smoothly when you write ensuring that the strokes are even. This pen comes with a removable lid which helps to protect the nib and prevent the ink from drying out. To help better secure it, this product comes with a hand-carved wooden case. This fountain pen is ideal for those who want a pricey fountain pen but one that doesn’t reach up into the million dollar range.

Visconti Alchemy H.R.H. Fountain Pen

Most Expensive Fountain Pens

Source: Visconti

This fountain pen by Visconti features a red resin and yellow gold trim exterior. Its design is inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s alchemical boards. The pen is made with acrylic materials, solid gold 18K pieces, and white/yellow diamonds. The pen’s nib is made of a shiny palladium gold which helps to keep your writing smooth. This nib can be customized and you can have it write anywhere from a fine to stub grade.

The Visconti Alchemy H.R.H. Fountain Pen features two pens in one and has two separate openings which can hold different ink colors. You can fill these containers up with an eyedropper making it very easy for you to do. This product comes with an inkwell which symbolizes the circle of life and has a unique magnetic feature which makes the pen appear as if it’s floating when you place it in the inkwell. If you prefer to not use the inkwell, a box also comes with it you can store the pen in.

Omas Gaїa High Luxury Fountain Pen

Most Expensive Fountain Pens

Source: Montgomery

The Omas Gaїa High Luxury Fountain Pen’s design is inspired by the fantastical journey to the center of the Earth. Because of this, it’s made with all-natural materials, like vegetable resin, and precious metals, like crystals, yellow/white gold pieces, onyx, and diamonds. Its nib is also made with 18K gold. The exterior of the pen features gold engravings of various parts of nature, like spiders and plants. Due to its intricacies, it’s a very rare edition and only 30 models are available.

Conway Stewart Westminster Fountain Pen

Most Expensive Fountain Pens

Source: Chatterleyluxuries

This luxury fountain pen by English company Conway Stewart pays homage to Gothic England and the Palace of Westminster. The exterior of this pen is coated in an alluring teal color that is engraved with sterling silver oak leaves. It features an 18K broad nib which comes in eight different grades you can choose from. This nib is also iridium tipped which helps to ensure it writes smoothly. When it comes time to fill the ink cartridge back up, the nib can be removed where you’ll find a converter cartridge to pour the ink into. This pen comes with a lid to help keep the nib protected. This option is a pricey one but much more affordable compared to other expensive models.

Caran D’Ache La Modernista Fountain Pen

Most Expensive Fountain Pens

Source: Penporium

This stylish fountain pen by Swiss company Caran D’Ache is constructed out of sterling silver and coated with over 20-carats of Wessel diamonds and 32-carats of brilliant rubies. On the side of the pen, you’ll find a polished clip which can be used to secure the pen to papers or other similar items. The gold nib is coated with rhodium which helps to prevent it from easily being damaged and ensures it glides smoothly over paper when you write with it. This product comes with a crystal inkwell you can keep the pen in when it’s not being used.

Visconti Forbidden City Fountain Pen

Most Expensive Fountain Pens

Source: Visconti

The Visconti Forbidden City Fountain Pen was inspired by the iconic Forbidden City in China. It’s designed with a glossy red and gold exterior which coats a mother of pearl acrylic housing. On the exterior, you’ll also find small engravings of popular creatures from Chinese mythology like phoenixes, lions, and dragons. These engravings are also dotted with 261 white diamonds which give the pen a beautiful shine when light hits it. The nib of the pen is constructed with 18K gold although it has slight palladium streaks. The pen comes with a box designed in the shape of the Forbidden City’s Imperial Palace which you can keep it in.