Nike Dunks a Slam Dunk in 2008 Sneaker Culture and Hip-Hop Trends

Nike Dunks
Nike Dunks

Nike Dunks were originally created for basketball in the 1980s. Making a more comfort-oriented sneaker for Skate boarders in 2002, Nike SB Dunks were released to test the growing inner-city skater audience. Two rather similar markets, built from groups about expression and rebellion, the Nike SB Dunk sneaker conquered with a viral spread. Over Six years later, closing in on 2009, the Nike SB Dunk is officially the trendiest shoe in Sneaker Culture as well as Hip-Hop culture.

“Nike Dunks and SB took over. There is no sneaker by Nike, Reebok, or adidas that can really match the diversity and Hype behind Dunks right now. I wear my De La Soul, Send Help, and Gold Digger Nike SB shoes and now and they always turn heads so i love them. Even chicks ask about my kicks, and that’s a great thing” says Rodrick Rainey, a media power of the Urban and Hip-Hop fashion industries.

Ranging in price from $60 for a nice pair of on-sale Nike SB Dunk Mids on sites like to $1500 for the Nike SB Dunk What The Dunk!? Lows on, anyone can afford the fashionable Nike shoe. From a common general release to the exclusives found only in cities like London and Tokyo, the Nike SB brand aims to bring comfort, quality, and style with each release.

While the average person will not understand the Sneaker Culture that sets the tone for which Kicks are ‘in’ at the moment, it is not hard to join in with the culture. Sites such as, which combines guys’ two favorite things, Kicks And Chicks, provides Nike and Air Jordan release dates, information on sneaker designs, creative Nike layout designs for Myspace profiles, and a store of exclusives to shop at.

Other sites such as Sneaker Obsession and Sole Redemption also spread information to sneaker culture, giving similar yet alternate focuses, such as custom Nike air force 1 and Nike Dunks reviews.

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