Nike Taps Kicks and Chicks Theme For Lebron James After Six Commercial was the first to coin the idea of marketing sneakers with eye candy models, but 2 years later it looks like Nike wants in on the fun. NBA superstar Lebron James has created a new commercial for the Nike Zoom Lebron VI entitled “After Six” which combines his new shoe with Pussycat Dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger. A sexy and smooth, yet hilarious commercial, it was released exclusively to youtube (click here) as it was too expensive for commercial.

“I am excited for this commercial and think its great. Lebron and Nicole were amazing with the roles played. I hope it brings more familiarity to what Kicks and Chicks is about as well. We’re not just a sex sells thing but a fashion, sneakers, and art cultures media project that’s rich in expression,” says Director, Rodrick Rainey.

A true Nike comedy, Lebron saying “Don’t Pump Fake Me Now” is funnier than anyone could have expected. Scenes of the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar smoothly telling Nicole Scherzinger “You got me out my hook up” and “Got me smiling, I don’t smile” were perfectly recited by the athlete’s smooth alter-ego.

The After Six Nike shoe commercial was not affiliated with Kicks and Chicks but has direct relations in vision. Releasing comic viral videos almost weekly on their youtube, the Lebron James After Six commercial was embraced by the Kicks and Chicks Youtube channel subscribers who thought the commercial was associated with Kicks and Chicks Sneaker Culture entertainment site.

The Nike Zoom Lebron VI “After Six” edition shoe was released recently and can be found on Eastbay or Finish Line.

Some of the brands currently endorsed by Lebron James include Nike, Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z’s Rocafella Group, Vitamin Water, and the first minority US president Barrack Obama.

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