4 Online Gothic Stores

The gothic style is entirely unique and has a distinct, dark look. Gothic clothes and accessories leave plenty of room for artistic expression. You can show off your personal style with no rules and boundaries. When it comes to gothic apparel, anything goes, and the possibilities are endless!

Goth culture and style began around the end of the 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s. The movement was inspired by the rise of British Goth Rock, an edgy genre of music that quickly gained popularity. Goth culture was (and is) heavily inspired by Romanticism, with influences including Edgar Allen Poe, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and Tim Burton.

Online gothic stores make it more convenient than ever to find obscure gothic apparel to fill your wardrobe. This style of clothing is unique and can be difficult to come by, but online retailers give you access to an expanded selection of products wherever you are, whether you’re on your laptop on the couch or using a smartphone of the bus.

Below, we’ve rounded up the top online sellers of gothic clothes, accessories, homeware, and more. With competitive pricing, convenient shipping, and, of course, an exceptional selection of gothic products, these online stores are sure to peak your interest.

The Dark Store

Based in France, The Dark Store is one of the largest online gothic retailers in the world. With products for men, women, and children alike, this virtual store offers an enormous selection of gothic products. With a strong emphasis on true gothic style and an unmistakable flair for darkness, the dark store is a go-to option for goth fashion.

The assortment of accessories offered at The Dark Store is remarkable. Beyond footwear, which is an enormous category in and of itself, The Dark Store offers these options for gothic accessories: suspenders, ties, belts, headwear, scarves, makeup, contacts, masks, harnesses, bags, and even home decor. All of the accessories feature striking designs that you won’t find at just any average accessory store.

The Dark Store has a sweeping selection of gothic apparel for both men and women. Women have the following clothing categories to browse: corsets and underbust, short sleeves and sleeveless shirts, long sleeves shirts, skirts, leggings, lingerie, pants, dresses, shorts and legwarmers, and jackets and coats. For men, the categories are shirts, vests, skirts and kilts, pants, sweats, T-shirts, and jackets and coats.

Main Features of The Dark Store

  • The Dark Store has an extensive jewelry collection with subsections including rings, earrings, bracelets, brooches, necklaces, and watches. Gothic jewelry is often Avante garde’, with each piece flaunting a wholly original design. Designed to have an antique look that will draw eyes in any room, the jewelry at The Dark Store features unusual charms, deeply colored gems, and distinctly gothic symbols like spiders, bats, dragons, and blood-red roses.
  • One fantastic feature of The Dark Store is the ability to sort products by style. Four distinct goth styles are listed: Gothique, Victorian Gothic, Post Apocalyptic, and Steampunk. There’s a wide range of different gothic styles, so this search function can help shoppers find products that suit their aesthetic more effectively.
  • The Dark Store offers clothing, accessories, and shoes in children’s styles. For kids who love to rebel and dress up in non-traditional gothic gear, this product section is especially exciting. From witty T-shirt designs (including a baby T-shirt reading “Made in Hell”) to tiny black military boots and even bibs printed with skulls, you’ll find all sorts of offbeat apparel for your unruly little one.
  • The Dark store includes a “New Arrivals” section so that you can easily access the newest gothic gear from top brands. Just-in offerings are also marked with a blue “New” label so that you always know when a product has just been added.
  • The Dark Store offers shoppers the option to sign up for their email newsletter. From the newsletter, gothic enthusiasts can learn all about exclusive sales, just-added products, and more. It’s a fantastic way to stay up-to-date in the world of goth fashion.
  • The Dark Store ships worldwide. The amount of time that it will take for your items to be shipped to your doorstep depends on the country that you’re ordering from, as well as the day that you place the order. For most areas of the world, products from The Dark Store will ship within five to seven days.
  • The Dark Store prioritizes environmentally-friendly business practices, which is a perk for any modern shopper. Products can be shipped in recycled boxes to reduce waste and the strain on the environment.

VampireFreaks Store

VampireFreaks Store is a gothic clothing, shoe, and accessory store. This store has offerings for both men and women who want to stand out in loud, edgy gothic apparel.

VampireFreaks Store has been around since 2001 and is based out of Bergenfield, New Jersey. This site has experienced exceptional growth as it gained customers and gradually build a base of gothic apparel lovers. VampireFreaks Store values affordability and offers the lowest possible prices to customers.

Women have a wide selection of gothic tops, bottoms, and dresses on VampireFreaks Store. Men can choose from a unique and varied selection of tops and bottoms in the gothic style. There are also numerous shoe options for shoppers at this site, including sneakers, boots, platform shoes, and creepers.

VampireFreaks Store offers an impressive selection of gothic accessories for all sorts of occasions, whether it be day-to-day use, a Halloween celebration, or a casual get-together. The categories of gothic accessories on this site include jewelry, collars and chokers, bracelets, goggles and gas masks, socks and stockings, gloves and arm wear, hats and scarves, cosmetics, bags and wallets, and belts and ties. Clearly, the enormous number of accessories on this website can satisfy all varieties of gothic fashion needs.

Main Features of The VampireFreaks Store

  • One notable benefit of shopping at VampireFreaks Store is that you have several brand options. In addition to their own VampireFreaks brand, this store stocks products from a remarkable number of retailers and top names in gothic style. Aesop Originals, Hades, Alchemy, Annex, Hollywood Mirror, and Destrukture are just a handful of top brands at VampireFreaks Store.
  • VampireFreaks Store has an extensive “Hot Deals” section where you can find gothic apparel, accessories, and shoes on sale at fantastic prices. Under the Hot Deals tab, you can choose from clearance items, top sellers, and new additions. You can also choose from price categories for sale items, including the option to only view items priced at $10 and under.
  • Vampire Freaks Store sends out an email newsletter with updates, exclusive offers, and new arrivals. You can easily stay updated on the gothic products that you have your eye on just by checking your email inbox.
  • VampireFreaks Store ships within the U.S. and internationally. Domestic orders typically take three to seven business days to arrive. International orders will be shipped through USPS airmail and generally arrive within two to three weeks.
  • VampireFreaks Store only displays in-stock items on their website. In the event that an item you order suddenly goes out of stock, you’ll receive a notification by email and will be given the option to either wait for it to come back in stock, select a different product, or receive a refund.
  • VampireFreaks Store offers a rewards program so that shoppers can earn points from their purchases. There are three ways to earn points: when you make a purchase, you’ll earn 10 points for every dollar spent; if you refer a friend to VampireFreaks Store, you’ll earn 200 points; when you create an account, you’ll earn 100 points.
    • You can redeem the points that you make through the VampireFreaks Store rewards program for discounts on future purchases. 500 points translates to $5 off, 1,000 points translates to $10 off, and 2,500 points translates to $25 off.
    • To create an account and start earning rewards, you’ll simply need to provide a first name, last name, and email address, then create a password.

Tragic Beautiful

Tragic Beautiful is a top gothic clothing seller with a top-notch virtual storefront and a huge stock of alternative style options. Tragic Beautiful makes it a priority to connect gothic shoppers with independent designers so that you can stay on the cutting edge of offbeat fashion. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee and price matching, Tragic Beautiful is undeniably a trusted name among online gothic retailers.

Tragic Beautiful stocks a large selection of women’s gothic clothing in the following categories: dresses, tops, bottoms, outerwear, and lingerie. You can sort clothing listings by size and brand to more easily find exactly what you’re looking for. Tragic Beautiful also stocks a large assortment of gothic shoes, namely flats, creepers, sneakers, heels, boots, and platform shoes. There’s no shortage of options when it comes to gothic apparel and footwear when you’re shopping at Tragic Beautiful.

Tragic Beautiful offers an array of gothic accessories. Bags and wallets, jewelry, harnesses and chokers, garters and suspenders, and hats and hair accessories make up the main sections of this product category. New accessories are added to this gothic apparel website frequently, so you always have unseen goodies to check out as a shopper.

Main Features of Tragic Beautiful

  • Tragic Beautiful has a product category entitled “Lifestyle”. This section, which is unique when you consider competing gothic clothing retailers on the Internet today, contains an assortment of items that are conducive to a gothic way of life. This includes occult books and homeware along with curios and gifts. A large section of the lifestyle product section is dedicated to witchcraft and occult. This includes crystals, candles, incense, burners, herbal alchemy, divination tools, and altar essentials. These rare and unusual items can be purchased at Tragic Beautiful and will make great additions to your gothic collection.
  • Tragic Beautiful also has an extensive beauty section so that you can achieve the gothic look with not only your outfit, but with your hair and makeup as well. The main categories in this section are hair, makeup, and bath and body. You’ll find all sorts of interesting and useful products here, from vegan silk lashes to glittering eyeshadow and even top-quality wigs.
  • Tragic Beautiful features a “Looks” section that displays gothic styles and fashion inspiration. When you click on a look that catches your eye, you’ll be taken to a page listing the products that fit within that look or theme. This is a wonderful way to find products that look good together so that you can build a cohesive style. Tragic Beautiful also includes home decor in their looks page, so you can check out gothic-themed homeware to deck out your living space and make it truly stand out.
  • Tragic Beautiful offers a big sale section with products from all different categories. With giant markdowns on clothing, shoes, accessories, and homeware alike, you can find the extraordinary deals on your favorite items. New items even occasionally go on sale, so you can wear the latest in gothic fashion at a discounted price.
  • New products on Tragic Beautiful are marked with a pink “New” label. This shows you the newest releases so that you can stay on top of the latest in gothic fashion.
  • Tragic Beautiful runs their own blog for readers with an avid interest in the gothic style and way of life. With new articles posted regularly, this blog includes interesting and entertaining content on topics ranging from product guides to lifestyle tips and more. The Tragic Beautiful Blog is a fabulous way to learn about new products and become more immersed in a goth lifestyle.

The Black Angel

The Black Angel is an online gothic clothing shop with options for both men and women. The shop began as a brick-and-mortar location in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg in 1999, started up by founder Tessy. The Black Angel created their online store in 2001 and has been selling gothic apparel and accessories to people all over the world ever since.

This seller focuses on top European metal and gothic clothing brands to provide customers with outstanding products. All of the clothes and accessories listed on this website are hand-picked to ensure quality and originality. When it comes to gothic apparel, you don’t want to wear just anything, and The Black Angel has you covered.

The Black Angel stocks a wide number of apparel options for men in the following categories: coats and jackets, tops and T-shirts, button-downs, men’s pants, and men’s skirts. For women’s apparel, the product categories include tops and T-shirts, skirts, pants and leggings, dresses, and coats and jackets. You can further hone your search by choosing product filters. These will sort the displayed products by manufacturer, price, and size.

The Black Angel also sells a sweeping array of gothic accessories to accompany your distinctively styled gothic outfits. The product categories for accessories on this online store are: belts and buckles, necklaces, chokers, bracelets, bags and wallets, gloves, cyber, miscellaneous, gift cards, and rings. There are just about 200 different accessories offered at The Black Angel, ensuring that you have a multitude of product options to put the finishing touches on any outfit.

Main Features of The Black Angel

  • The Black Angel has a remarkable shipping system that gets your purchased items to your front door as quickly as possible. All in-stock items ship within 48 hours of order placement and deliveries are completed by insured courier services. The Black Angel ships to gothic enthusiasts in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.
  • You have access to The Black Angel’s experienced team for answers to questions about sizing and general advice on selecting the right products for you. To accommodate international customers, The Black Angel can reply in English, German, or French.
  • The Black Angel offers a giant clearance section for anyone on the hunt for a great deal. The items in the clearance section can be sorted by manufacturer. When you’re browsing in any category, sale items are marked with a red tag showing the percent discount off of the product. So, you know exactly how much you’re saving.
  • One of the biggest perks of The Black Angel is the number of manufacturers that it stocks products from. You can visit the “Manufacturers” tab in this online store to view the large volume of included brands, along with an overview of each. Among the top brands at this online goth store are Alchemy Gothic, Queen of Darkness, Black Pistol, Killstar, Kreepsville 666, and more.
  • In 2016, The Black Angel won “second best online shop international” at the Alt Fashion award. This distinction further assets The Black Angel’s standing as one of the leading gothic shops operating online in the world.
  • The Black Angel offers a 30-day return policy for their products. You can return any purchased item for a full refund within 30 days following its delivery. Considering the risks of shopping online, in which a product may not quite be how you expected it to be (whether in size, style, color, etc.) this return policy is a notable benefit of shopping at The Dark Angel.