Money Clothing

In 2003, Nick Cordell and Melvyn DeVilliers founded an urban clothing line named “Money.” The following year, they welcomed Takashi “Maru” Marujo to their design team. The Money trio then started to make fashion history by creating clothes they are “proud to wear, not just because of the label, but also because of the product … Read more

Pepe Jeans

It was 1973. Jeans wear entrepreneur Shantilal Parmar spotted Nitin Shah, who worked for a petrol station, and made him a commissioned agent selling jeans. From that moment, Nitin learned all about the ropes of the jeans wear business, from washes, fabrics, and stitching. After this, Nitin envisioned a denim empire and commissioned the help … Read more

Best (and Worst) Hip Hop Teeth Grills

The sky’s always been the limit when it comes to keeping up with the hip hop Joneses: partying, expensive cars and jewelry has got to outdo the competition. So when it wasn’t enough to be dripping head-to-toe in diamond-studded earrings, medallions and watches, rap stars moved on up to adorning their own teeth. The Best Tattoos Design Online Image … Read more

Kani Ladies

Kani Ladies, a hip urban clothing collection, was formally launched in 2001. It is currently one of the best street fashion clothing lines for young ladies. It started as an undersized clothing collection sold next to the Karl Kani men’s collection. From its humble beginnings, Kani Ladies has transformed into a reputed clothing line which … Read more