Nike Sneaker Collector And Rap Artist Got Kickz Talks About Nike Shoes And His Collection

Over time Nike, adidas, and Reebok sneakers have been the subject of many’s addiction. Television actors, musicians, and athletes set trends in Urban areas that went mainstream, leaving some today with closets filled with shoes. From that love for sneakers such as Air Jordans, Nike Air Force Ones, Reebok Pumps, and adidas Shell Toes, a … Read more

Infancy Exclusives Releases Stocks And Bonds Classic Sneaker Paintings

Nike, Jordan, adidas, and Reebok shoe fanatics are slowly catching onto the new commotion that’s spreading in different parts of the Northeast, United States. What is this new sneaker uproar about? Try abstract and realistic paintings of the shoes, these self described “Sneaker Geeks”, love to collect. Entitled the “Stocks and Bonds Collection”, the creators … Read more

Urb1 2nd Annual Christmas Wardrobe Giveaway Launches

Urb1’s 2nd Annual Christmas Wardrobe giveaway will launch Friday, November 26th if not before. One male and one female, who answer all the giveaway’s questions correctly, will win many pieces of clothing from mostly new Urban & HipHop fashion designers, found on the website ( The winners will be randomly chosen by Urb1’s founder, Rodrick … Read more