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True to its name, Pastry is a luscious line of urban clothing, footwear and bags which can make you crave for more. Pastry is the brainchild of sisters Vanessa and Angela Simmons, stars of the MTV reality show “Run’s House” and “Daddy’s Girls.”

During the New York launch, the Simmons sisters’ Pastry shoes looked so deliciously hot.
During the New York launch, the Simmons sisters’ Pastry shoes looked so deliciously hot.

The name was derived from Vanessa and Angela’s favorite desserts. These yummy treats were first translated into sweet footwear designs. Starting out with four shoes from the “Cake” collection when it first opened in March 2007, by 2007 the brand had raked in over $15 million in sales

Pastry followed up with the “Fab Cookie” lowtops collection and then with the hugely successful hi-top and boot versions. The company has since expanded into a trendy lifestyle brand, complete with matching clothes and handbags. In 2008, the young entrepreneurs brought in over a total of $50 million.

There’s no stopping the Simmons sisters now, who have expanded their clothing collection with the help of the Innovative Fashion Group, which is under the Adjmi Apparel group. Pastry urban wear features embroidered, sugar-glittered, foiled denims, dresses, tops, and tracksuits.

Be a head-turner in this No. 9 Pastry Tunic.
Be a head-turner in this No. 9 Pastry Tunic.

The Simmons sisters use materials such as stretch satin, Lurex, French terry, treated fabrics, stretch charmeuse and metallic mesh.

The Simmons sisters’ handbag collection has been made possible with the help of the Betesh Group, one of the biggest handbag companies. The designs come in affordable prices and come in all shapes and sizes, from luggage-sized gym bags to small sexy wristlets

There’s more to come in 2009. The fashion-forward sisters say that consumers will be able to add Pastry jewelry and Pastry high heels to their closets.

All in the family

Vanessa and Angela’s fascination with fashion seems to be inherited from the Simmons family. Their father Joseph “Rev. Run” Simmons, Uncle Russell Simmons, and Aunt Kimora Lee-Simmons all run their own clothing and shoe lines.
Venessa and Angela Simmons in a Pastry ad.
Vanessa is a St. John University grad and an aspiring actress. Some of her work includes, a Verizon stint in 2007 and her adaptation of “Lola” in the CBS soap opera Guiding Light. Vanessa describes her style as “classic chic with an edgy twist.” Her fashion icons include Sex and the City’s character Carrie Bradshaw and fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Angela is a graduate of the High School of Fashion Industries, and is now currently studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She is also the executive editor of Word Up!, an entertainment and music magazine with a youthful audience. Like her sister Vanessa, Angela enjoys the limelight. She is an aspiring singer, and her first single, “Center of Attention,” can be streamed at and

Angela defines her personal style as “a mixture which is hard to define,” and considers Chanel, Louis Vuitton and YSL as her favorite designer brands. Although she is involved in high class fashion, she adores wearing tracksuits because they are the “comfortable way to go.”

Pastry Shoes

What’s baking in the oven? Why, the freshest new pair of stylish shoes of course!

Founded by sisters Vanessa and Angela Simmons, Pastry was simply another name launched into the retail community back in March 2007. Originally named Cake, the two young entrepreneurs were inspired by their beloved sweet treats and found it a good approach to building their brand identity. The entire collection is designed by the dynamic duo themselves, and showcases a good mix of femininity and spunk which they believe to be the key ingredients to every girl’s unique fashion statement.

Pastry Shoes Takes on the World

While it initially appeared miniscule next to their family brand Run Athletics, Pastry continued to grow into an empire of its own, expanding the shoe line into a new venture in handbags, clothing, music accessories and high-end jewelry as well. Now, with several stores reaching worldwide status, the phenomenal brand shows no signs of stopping.

The success is owed to their famous sneaker line, Pastry Kicks. These shoes were created with a fusion of fun and functionality, so you can bring the party just about anywhere! Are you looking to dance it out at a party? The Glam Pie and Pop Tart series will surely keep you rockin’ those moves all night long. Are you getting ready for an intense session of exercise? Grab a pair of Chocolate Mousse or Red Velvet Cake Runners and be well on your way! Are you considering a casual walk in the park? No worries, those gorgeous Strawberry Shortcakes and Cherry Icings have got
you wrapped in comfort and style. Pastry Kicks come in a wide range of bold colors, cuts and designs (not to mention, so adorable and mouth-watering names!) to suit the unique preference of every teen girl. Even better, these cute sneakers are also available in toddler sizes to match your baby sister’s feet!

Find the Most Fashionable Feminine Sneakers

Pastry Kicks provides the perfect recipe for every girl’s favorite fashion footwear. It aims to provide style without sacrificing comfort, sashay with confidence wherever you go. Whatever the situation calls for, these sneakers are the ultimate go-to accessory to complete an outfit that is sure to stand out.

So what are you waiting for? Go and celebrate individuality and expression by slipping into a pair of the yummiest sneakers in town! No matter the occasion is, you’re bound to be the sweetest treat for miles around.

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