Play Cloths by Pusha T. and Malice

Hiphop stars Pusha T and Malice push “Play Cloths”


Since the 2006 release of “Hell Hath No Fury“, Pusha T. and Malice definitely haven’t been sleepin’. As every other artist in the Hip-Hop industry, the Virginia based duo has jumped on the bandwagon and came together with designer Doug Life after years of development to finally launch their clothing line “Play Cloths“.

The line’s tagline is “Play Cloths is all work, all play“. The collection currently consists of tees, polos, hoodies, jackets, denim jeans, and accessories.

Simplicity seems to be the key with this clothing line; it’s not your common every day flamboyant tee or hoodie. The aim is to display bold and vibrant colors, but definitely stepping away from the norm by keeping it simple and reminiscent of youth.

Better stated by Pusha T, “It represents youth and influence.” The collection along with the logo is said to inspire individuals to shift into the gear of feeling youthful yet charismatic to the idea of purchasing their clothing as collectibles.

Play Cloths, pronounced “clothes,” is undeniably different than most clothing collections being that it is expressing the individuality within one to not feel as if they need to change their attire to exhibit the mode they are in for the day.

The idea is to put one in the mind frame of feeling as if you are always at play no matter where you are and what you are doing. However, as the logo depicts, you should always be on the run to get it-whatever “it” may be.

Speaking of “gettin’ it,” not only are they launching their clothing line, but they are also staying in tuned with what they always do so well: Play Cloths Presents Clipse “Road To Till The Casket Drops” Mixtape.

Having been a walking advertisement for rival clothing lines BAPE and BBC for quite some time, it is safe to assume that these two definitely know what they are doing. Although this is just the launch, I am a fan of how simple the brand looks, but it’s ability to stand out with the unique logo and vivid colors.

In comparison to their witty wordplay while rockin’ the mic, the Clipse has came correct with their creativity and individual input on producing a brand that represents them and the diversity that they are known so well for by their fans. Hopefully with the idea of keeping it available only online and in boutiques, the collection will evolve into more rare and exclusive garments.


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