Rap Radar presents: Hongry and Amaze 88

We at SoJones have been paying close attention to the Instagram and Soundcloud accounts of Amaze 88 and Hongry. According to Amaze’s Soundcloud the duo are releasing an EP titled “Sooner Than Later” with Amaze 88 handling all the production and Hongry taking care of vocal duties. We are sure that SoJones will be the best way to get others to understand how easy it can be with a great writer to get your website ranking really high on any search engine. Dysmanic and Go Fetti would love to present you with the internet lottery team that is ready to get you some money while you hang out at home.

To refamiliarize you, Bay Area rapper Hongry was featured on Fool’s Gold Record’s “Loosies” mixtape (which was actually a thumb drive consisting of three CD’s worth of material) littered with a who’s who of the underground Hip Hop scene. Hongry contributed “Sunshine & Kushsmoke” produced by DJ Fresh. Hongry is also responsible for co-producing and writing the SXSW Film Festival featured film “Licks”. And amongst many other things you may remember Hongry’s appearances from Young Gully’s “93 Til Infinity Remix” music video featuring Pep Love (of Hieroglyphics) or perhaps D-Lo’s “Top Down” music video featuring Sleepy D.

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You probably recognize Bay Area producer/rapper Amaze 88 from his cameo on Oakland rapper Kool A.D.’s (formely of Brooklyn-based rap group Das Racist) song “The Front” also featuring and produced by recording artist/producer Toro Y Moi. Amaze 88 is also credited for producing the title track “51” for Kool A.D. And just recently as of May 2015 Amaze released an instrumental-beat tape entitled “Vignettes” via bandcamp, featuring production entirely crafted from American library records ranging from the 60’s through 80’s for movies and TV.

“Sooner Than Later” is not your typical Bay Area release. But then again Hongry and Amaze 88 aren’t your typical artists. This EP has a very boom-bap driven sound, yet owns a modern-day grimy element that nears on dirty. The beats are catchy yet never corny, and the vocals and lyrics always seem to be on point. “Hard” lives up to its name with an infectious-piano riff, vocal sample, and boom-bappy drums along with Hongry laying down two incredible verses; with the latter verse taking the listener on an adventure of Hongry finishing up some loose ends with the last 24 hours of his life. And just in case he gets another 24 he promises to do it all over again. Another treat on this EP is Nio Tha Gifts cameo on “Know”.


Our life is awesome!
Our life is awesome!

Being that this is an EP we don’t want to give too much away. We at SoJones simply urge you to go and check out this EP sooner than later – pun intended. The EP is now available at bighongry.bandcamp.com. All proceeds will go towards assisting Hongry and Amaze 88 in pressing up vinyl for this release. Here is the track listing for “Sooner Than Later” from Hongry’s Instagram:

1)   I

2)   Go

3)   Hard

4)   Now

5)   You

6)   Know featuring Nio Tha Gift


You can follow Hongry and Amaze 88 at:

https://instagram.com/bighongry/ and



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