Rocawear Clothing, Jay-Z, and Iconix Brand Sued Over I Will Not Lose Campaign

Rocawear Campaign Ad
Rocawear Campaign Ad

Rocawear Clothing, Rocawear founder Jay-Z, and Iconix Brand Group are being sued for copyright infringement, over the use of a slogan say reports.

It’s claimed that Rocawear used the phrase “I Will Not Lose” during an advertising campaign, but the slogan was previously trademarked by clothing line I Will Not Lose, LLC.

Although Jay-Z sold the rights for Rocawear Clothing to Iconix Brand Group (for $204 million), the rapper is still named in the suit as it is thought he is still involved in marketing and product development of the brand.

I Will Not Lose, LLC say that Rocawear ignored their requests to stop using the slogan. Rocawear was using the “I Will Not Lose” phrase in a campaign run which promoted youth whom strived through difficult situations to find success. Now the sportswear are seeking an undisclosed amount in damages from Rocawear for promoting these successful kids.

Its a shame in America, where capitalism is culture, you can expect such merit less attempts. I am willing to bet the owner of this brand heard Jay-Z use the phrase before he made the sportswear line and is doing the Funky Chicken dance hoping to win this case. Who knows, but this seems to be a shameless attempt at capital gains. I find it hard to believe you are worried about your brand name when you don’t even have google recognizance. You don’t even promote your brand via an official web site but worried somebody might get money off the name? How is this possible,” says Rodrick Rainey, founder of Hip-Hop clothing industry news site and writer of the clothing line help guide.

In 2006 I Will Not Lose LLC trademarked its sportswear brand name. The Sportwears line has received moderate success obviously still being active, but recognized by few to none who hear its a brand name if mentioned.

Jay-Z has rapped the phrase “I will not lose” in his music since at least 2000, popularizing the phrase through multi-platinum recordings that even the sportswear brand owner probably heard prior to his brand.

While this case is expected to go to court, there are chances Iconix will settle out of court. With Jay-Z no longer owner of Rocawear Clothing, it is not understandable why he would be named in the lawsuit, but it may help the defense win this seemingly merit less case.

“I am sure the Mr. Tucker feels good about himself suing Rocawear over a campaign that promotes youth bettering themselves in all situations. Ironic whomever loses though because its all over a phrase about not losing and if the sportswear brand takes the loss, so does the value of their brand,” continues Rainey sarcastically of the Rocawear legal matter. “I think he should use my Clothing Line Help site to build his brand properly” he ends.

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