Rocksmith’s Been Telling a “Salmon Story” This Summer


Just because the calendar is about to turn the page to August doesn’t mean that the summer season is over. There’s still plenty of time to catch some rays, hit the beach and rock some tight summer gear. And, the most recent Rocksmith summer collection is a perfect companion to wrap up the hottest time of year.

The entire collection from the NYC brand is fresh, but we can’t keep our eyes off of the so-called “Salmon Story”. Why is it called a “Salmon Story”? That’s because the collection features tees, tanks, and boxers all in a salmon color. That may sound gross, but we dig it. It’s refreshing and unique.

Besides the bright salmon color, the tees include something for everyone with graphics of Aaliyah, the “Macho Man” Randy Savage, and an almost perfect rendition of The Chronic album cover. The tanks and buckets feature Rocksmith’s signature explicit label and scatter designs, and there’s even a belt, bucket, and snapback in salmon to piece the entire line together.

If you prefer to eat salmon and not wear it, Rocksmith also offers these items in black or teal.

So, before the summer officially comes to an end, head out to the Rocksmith store on 153 Stanton Street in New York City or place an order at their online store.

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