Weight And Height Growth Chart Of A Rottweiler

Rottweiler growth and weight matter the most in humans and even dogs to have a good height. Your Rottweiler must not too big or too short. It must be just right height dog. Here are answers to Rottweiler growth and weight according to the Rottweiler growth chart. Like other breed dogs, these Rottweilers are individuals, and thus they can have varying height, personality, size, and structure.

There is nothing like the fact one size fits all in Rottweiler to judge its weight or its growth. It is just a way to reach approximation to puppy weight estimations. This growth formula can help you evaluate a puppy’s development and thus give you an idea he is above or below the average you have calculated. But this not to consider saying an average puppy.

Rottweiler Growth & Weight Chart

Rottweiler Growth And Weight Chart

The Rottweiler is a strong and powerful dog that should be neither too light nor too heavy. The weight of a healthy, adult Rottweiler, depending on its sex, should be approximately 50 kg for a dog and 42 kg for a female Rottweiler. It is to these parameters that it is desirable to strive since the lack of weight and its excess are equally harmful to the pet. If the dog weighs much less than its norm, then its immunity may decrease, which will make the animal more susceptible to infectious diseases.

And being overweight leads to health problems such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, and bone and joint disease. There could include a good range of possible weight of Rottweiler at any age. It can happen that your Rottweiler would be at the lower end, higher end. In the middle, or can be below the figures. Even the weight of a Rottweiler is gender-specific, but no one realizes this. There is a big difference between the weight of a female and a male pup at the same age. Females generally lie on the lower end of the medium weight scale and males on the higher end of the weight scale. However, they may vary even.

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At what age is a Rottweiler full grown?

A Rottweiler reaches over 90% of its final size after about 7 months. The weight is 90% of the final weight after about 12 months. A Rottweiler puppy will grow the fastest in the first 7 months. This is also the time when the larger growth spurts take place. The legs often grow faster than the rest of the body and the dog then usually looks disproportionate. During growth spurts, a dog is more tired and less resilient. As a rule of thumb you can say the following after 6 months a Rottweiler should have reached 60% of its final weight.

The change of teeth should be completed at 6 to 7 months. A Rottweiler becomes a pauper at the age of 7 to 12 months. From the 16th month, he is almost fully grown. Slight growth beyond that is nothing out of the ordinary. A Rottweiler should have reached its final size by the age of 2. By the age of two, a Rottweiler should have reached his final size and weight. The stature of the Rottweiler changes between the ages of 1 and 3. The dog becomes a little wider and more muscular. The shape of the head, chest, and shoulders change. The growth is thus completely completed in about 3 years.

Male Rottweiler Growth and Weight Chart

Age min. Max.
3 months 16 kg 22 kg
4 months 22 kg 28 kg
5 months 27 kg 35 kg
6 months 31 kg 40 kg
7 month 35 kg 45 kg
8 months 38 kg 49 kg
9 months 42 kg 52 kg
10 months 44 kg 55 kg
11 months 47 kg 58 kg
12 months 48 kg 59 kg
mature 50 kg 60 kg

If you feel concerned and want to have a close eye on the weight of a pup, then get a scale for your Rottweiler. They turn to be cheap, and it helps you to maintain Rottweiler’s weight throughout your lifetime.

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Female Rottweiler Growth and Weight Chart

Age min. Max.
3 months 14 kg 19 kg
4 months 17 kg 25 kg
5 months 21 kg 30 kg
6 months 25 kg 34 kg
7 month 27 kg 37 kg
8 months 29 kg 40 kg
9 months 31 kg 43 kg
10 months 32 kg 45 kg
11 months 33 kg 46 kg
12 months 34 kg 47 kg
mature 35 kg 48 kg

Rottweiler Height Chart

The average height of a Rottweiler also varies according to age. Each pup is different from the other, and so here we have averaged in height according to weight. When it comes to height, then female Rottweiler height is less than that of a male. But for four months, the female is taller than the male.

Rottweiler Age Average Rottweiler Height
Two months 13-13.5 inches
Three months 18.5- 19 inches
Four months 20-21 inches
Five months 21.5-22 inches
Six months 23-23.5 inches
Eight months 24.5-25.5 inches
Ten months 25-26.5 inches
12 months 25-26.5 inches
24 months 25-26-5 inches

Male Rottweiler Growth and height chart

A fully grown Rottweiler male should have the following dimensions:

min. max.
Weight 50 kg 60 kg
Shoulder height 61 cm 69 cm
Neck circumference 55 cm 70 cm
Back length 70 cm 80 cm

Female Rottweiler growth and height chart

A full-grown female Rottweiler should have the following dimensions:

min. max.
Weight 35 kg 48 kg
Shoulder height 56 cm 63 cm
Neck circumference 50 cm 65 cm
Back length 65 cm 75 cm

Why is my rottweiler not growing?

Puppy’s height and weight can be influenced by many different reasons. Most often, this is genetics, as well as the quality of cultivation, diet, sports, or special training.


It is she who turns out to be the reason that, with high-quality conditions and good feeding, Rottweiler puppies do not gain in height, weight, or chest volume. Perhaps this is due to the fact that dogs of one line or another can grow up later than their relatives, and, perhaps, the parents of the puppy are also not distinguished by their large stature and powerful constitution.

Growing quality

 The basis of the health of puppies is laid not even in the breeder’s house, but in the prenatal period of development, when the feeding and caring of a pregnant female also determine whether her offspring will be healthy and strong. If the mother of the puppies did not receive something from vitamins and microelements during the gestation of the litter, then the babies at birth will have less weight and will develop worse.

If the breeder continues to save money, but now also on puppies, then the situation may worsen. And even those kids who are the first to find a new owner will be lucky: in this case, with proper care and feeding in a new house, they will still be able to make up for the missing height and weight.


 In order for the dog to be healthy, he must eat full and high-quality food from the first day of his appearance in the house. Many owners choose ready-made feeds. Other Rottweiler owners feed their pets with natural food, believing that such a diet is more beneficial for the dog. There is nothing reprehensible in either approach to feeding a Rottweiler. If only the dry food that the dog receives is premium or higher. And if the dog eats homemade food, then not empty porridge on the water, but food based on protein products: meat, cottage cheese, and (no more than once a week) fish.

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Sports and training

 During training, the dog actively moves and trains various muscle groups. This makes the Rottweiler stronger physically and taller and more powerful visually. Injuries and diseases suffered by animals also greatly affect the weight and height of dogs. For example, if a puppy is ill with something serious at an early age, its growth and development may significantly slow down or even stop.