Rottweiler And Lab Mix Dog

Rottweiler Lab mix-Mix breed and crossbreed dogs are dogs with different parent breeds. Mix breed is used for dogs with unknown parent breeds, whereas crossbreeds are dogs with known parent breeds. Mix breeds dogs mate without human supervision, but crossbreeds are bred on demand. Crossbreed dogs tend to adapt their traits and characteristics from both parental breeds. They are bred for combining the qualities of two dogs. They are known as designer breeds. These breeds are named with parts of the two parental breeds. Crossbreeds are not officially recognized or considered as a special breed of dogs. For example, a crossbreed between a corgi and a labrador is called Corgidor. Learn more about German Shepherd Rottweiler mix breed.

Rottweiler Lab Mix Health Care

Rottweiler Lab mix

A cross between a Rottweiler and a labrador is called a labrottie. It has a rottweiler’s color and a labrador’s fur texture. They are mostly seen in colors like black, chocolate and tan colors. A labrottie has more of a rottie’s body.  It is strong, muscular, may have a Rottie tail, which should be docked. A grown labrottie may weigh from 65 to 110 pounds. They tend to grow up to 26-27 inches tall. A healthy labrotties’s lifespan will fall around 10-12 years. They are not hypoallergenic (which means being immune to allergies). And hence need a little care regarding cleanliness to avoid allergies.

Rottweiler Lab Mix Exercise

Rottweiler Lab mix

Labrotties are very active, they need a good amount of physical activity to keep their energy levels in check. Dogs get overwhelmed when their energy is not used up. This may lead to some health issues or obesity. A labrottie requires at least  30-40 mins of physical activities.

A walk in an open area, playing fetch, running around are some basic outdoor physical activities we can opt. Dogs usually love running around and being outdoors. If that is not possible so often they should at least be taken to short walks to complete the daily routine.

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Crossbreeds having dual characteristics are smarter, stronger and more dependable. But they don’t just adopt the positive characteristics, they may also develop some genetic health issues. The commonly noticed problems are bloating, eye problems, tail docking. The problems are seen in rottweilers and labradors too, which means a labrottie may adopt these problems. Nevertheless, there are treatments and cure for these issues. Identifying them is the key.

Labrottie Grooming

Rottweiler Lab mix

Grooming is very important for any dog breed. Crossbreed grooming can get a little tricky until we figure out, what kind of coat does the dog has. Once that is clear it will be easier to deal with it. Labrotties are low to medium maintenance dogs. As both the parental breeds have a common less fuzzy coat, naturally labrotties have a dense but simple coat. The growth and shedding may vary from one dog to another.

  Labradors do shed a lot after reaching a certain age. But a crossbreed may or may not inherit this characteristic. Labrotties need basic grooming, a casual brush out would do most of the work. Never over brush the dog, once or twice a week will keep the coat tangle-free and healthy. Different grooming equipment will be available to make it a hassle-free process.

Training Of Rottweiler Lab mix

Rottweiler Lab mix

Other than that labrottie is a friendly, quick learning dog, perfect for a domestic pet and a being a sporty dog. They are eager to please their owners and show great excitement to learn new things. With proper care and training, they will mingle well with other people and dogs. Labrotties don’t bark much unless there is a critical situation. They need a proper diet as they are highly energetic. Introducing other dogs will calm their anxiety and they become more comfortable socially. They are perfectly safe and happy going dogs.