Sean John founder Sean Diddy Combs Wants New Clothing Line With David Beckham

Rap mogul-turned-designer Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs is so impressed by David Beckham’s style, he wants to collaborate with the soccer ace on a fashion line.

The rapper and the sports star have become close friends in recent years, and Combs was even spotted partying into the early hours with Beckham and his pop star wife Victoria while visiting London last year.

But Combs – who has his own Sean John clothing line – admits he would like to turn their friendship into a business collaboration and launch a fashion project together.

Diddy told reporters, “What a stylish guy. I’d love to do a fashion range with David Beckham. He’s a good friend and is very kind. Us two together doing business would be amazing.

“I heard he is doing a shoe range with (rapper) Snoop (Dogg). That’s cool, but I would love to do fashion with David. I already have a fragrance and clothing line, but I’d love my next project to include him. Perhaps we could collaborate to do something for charity.”

Sean John clothing is a huge brand and has won several awards including the prestigous CFDA award as best male fragrance. Sean John’s Unforgivable has become a favorite scent on men according to many women that answered a questionnare.

According to Diddy, “Sean Jean is fashion Viagra. I’ve had 40 year-old men tell me that once they started wearing Sean Jean, everything changed for them, including their sex life.”

The deal could possibly be record setting as David Beckham is an international superstar, recognized for his incredible futbol (soccer) skills and bad boy appeal.

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