SoJones finance: 7 most exclusive credit cards in the universe

Now that you are possibly ballin from finding new fans on SoJones, we want to hit you with the lick you get when you fix your credit and have your Ferrari you worked so hard for outside. Now that we have your full attention, let’s look at the cards you can carry around with you when you have finally made it:

  • No 7 – Merrill Accolades Card issued by Bank of America.
What’s your flavor?

How to get your hands on this one? To qualify you must be a loyal Merrill Lynch customer. The catch is the $295 annual fee, which is waived if you have $250K and more in either Merrill Lynch or Bank of America accounts.

  • RBC Visa Infinite issued by the Royal Bank of Canada

This card carries an annual fee of $399 for banking clients and non-banking clients have to shell out about $599. To qualify Canadians need to have 1 million CAD in liquid assets and 3 million CAD in net worth.

  • Coutts & Co World Card
We make our own rules!

Better have a fat wallet for this one: Why? If you are a resident of the UK, then this next credit card Coutts & Co World Card is exclusive to you, provided you meet the requirements. To qualify you need to have disposable funds of at least $800,000. If you are one of the big spenders charging at least $80,000 on your credit card then, they will be generous and waive the $560 annual fee.

  • American Express Platinium Card
Ballin' gettin hotter in here.
Ballin’ gettin hotter in here.

This card is close on the heels to J.P. Morgan Palladium. With an annual fee of $450, this credit card in addition to being exclusive also offers tons of benefits to their cardholders. One of the benefits includes reimbursement of up to $200 per year for airline incidental fees including baggage fees and in-flight food and beverages. What card are you looking to pickup once you get out of debt with the collector? This is your shot to do some finance research and get to that place you always dreamed of. 

  • J.P. Morgan Palladium
All gold, now you can win with SoJones!
All gold, now you can win with SoJones!

The third one to make this list is the J.P. Morgan Palladium. This credit card is actually made out of palladium and 23k gold. To qualify one must be a client of the J.P. Morgan Private Bank, Investment Bank, Treasury Services, or Commercial Bank. Any Chase bank customer with holdings of $5M and above can exclusively brag about the credit card. They will also have to shell out an annual fee of $595.

  • Dubai First Royale MasterCard
Now you got the four door garage. Wake up early and work hard!
Now you got the four door garage. Wake up early and work hard!

Anytime you hear Dubai, exclusivity comes to mind. For those residing in UAE, this credit card is made with gold and diamond and does not have any spending limit. There are no set requirements as such to qualify for this card. When the card was first introduced in 2008, it was offered to only 200 of Dubai First Bank’s wealthiest customers. In 2012, however no annual fee is required although source states as example a Dubai First Royale MasterCard holder as an oil tycoon with an income in 9 or 10 figures.

And last but not least:

  • American Express Centurion
You made it to the top. Now redefine the bar. #sojonesrhymes
You made it to the top. Now redefine the bar. #sojonesrhymes

First on the list is the American Express Centurion. This credit card is exclusive to people who can afford the initiation fee of $5,000 and include $2,500 fee upfront. If you are one of the big spenders and charge more than $250K annually on either Amex Gold or Platinum, you will be invited to apply. Leave a comment today for what card you would want!


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