Stevie Boi cops a new Ferrari and Vegas awaits!

We have been following the career of Stevie Boi for so long, and now we are happy to let you know that there will be plenty of good times for you to indulge in as we take you to Vegas with our friend Stevie Boi. Recently on the blog, we uncovered some jewels to look out for now that Stevie Boi is supplying with all of the right videos to make sure you stay entertained. Once again, we captivate the audience at #sojones   This is the grind life for 24/7. I mean, SoJones was just at the skate park eating a great lunchmeat sandwich on everything. We stay blunted with the best green to keep you wondering what fashion icon might come up next. Stevie Boi also has the action figure doll that you just have to check out for yourself. Shoutout to Dave Proctor the the images! Also make sure to check out this info from the blog:

“I am starting my residency with the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas August 16th -24th. I will be presenting the extended version of my collection “CR3AM” and also hosting many events at the Palms during this time. I also will start Filming my new Reality Show Entitled “STEVIE TAKES VEGAS” in which Air’s the first week of October. My team and I have so many surprises that we will release during this time.”

“I would like to thank Fashion Week Las-Vegas for allowing me to express myself on such a huge platform. Stay tuned for details via “

Love Stevie Boi


Check out our perspective at #SoJones #fashion #artschool
Check out our perspective at #SoJones #fashion #artschool

So what is next for Stevie Boi as far as film goes? Don’t forget to check out Vandal the first film involving the talents of Mr. Stevie Boi himself. Big timing over here!

VANDAL is the story of a young artist, fighting to make a name for herself in New York’s elite art scene. After being repeatedly rejected by an affluent mogul in the art world, Ally is pushed past the edge of frustration. One night, when faced with a serendipitous opportunity, she finds a way to cheat the system and take matters into her own hands. By risking everything to have her art seen on the very gallery walls she was rejected from Ally shows how sometimes doing the wrong thing for the right reasons will allow your voice to be heard.

Mr. Worldwide.
Mr. Worldwide.

One thing about Stevie Boi is that he works so hard and never gives up on catching up with all of his fans. Let’s not forget he also was in Sacramento, CA doing a show: we want more Stevie Boi in California! Any of our readers out there want to leave some love, you already know what is is. We keep it legit when you need that update on who is gonna be putting on a regal show. SoJones will even begin handing out some modeling scholarships for up and coming models who want to show out and relax in the end after making those millions.

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