SoJones Friday Giveaway: Urbanears Zinken Headphones!

Have you been wanting a new set of headphones? We’re proud to introduce Zinken, the most ambitious headphone created by Urbanears yet. It’s developed with professional DJs in mind, but with consideration and respect paid to the wallets of lesser-paid amateurs. Zinken has a lot of handy features, such as the TurnCable and the ZoundPlug. … Read more

Mother’s Day Special GIVEAWAY: Urbanears and Zero1 VooMote Zapper

Looking for something to give your mom this Mother’s Day?  You still have time.  For the super stylish, music-loving mom, Urbanears could be the answer.  Just imagine Mom jogging or cooking while listening to her favorite music, wearing a stylish pair of headphones.  Cool, right?  Guess what, Urbanears’ spring collection has just the right colors … Read more

Timepiece Spotlight: Swatch New Gent Lacquered + GIVEAWAY!

So you like watches? Swatch presents the freshest collection of ten sensational designs, which are created to be as eye-catching as possible. Introducing the New Gent Lacquered collection, which combines the super-sleek and stylishly=slick lacquered surfaces with a fabulous selection of fashion-forward colors that will keep the wearer as the center of attention. For those … Read more