10 Most Ridiculous Science Inventions

Baby Mop

People have a lot to thank the modern scientists for. With their inventions making lives better, there’s really no amount of monetary grant can compensate their efforts. However, there are science inventions that can be classified as downright pointless, ridiculous and funny. Read on and be amused. 10. Magnetically Attached Templeless Eyewear The inventor of … Read more

10 Highest Paying Science Careers

Mechanical Engineer

Pursuing a career in science can be a very lucrative decision. If you are considering a shift in your career, check these 10 high-paying science careers that will definitely turn your life around. They will give you an annual salary that others can only dream of. Here’s a rundown: 10. Mechanical Engineer $99,700   Mechanical … Read more

Top 10 greatest Scientists who changed the world

Aristotle greatest scientist

Right from the beginning of human settlement, a lot of people came up with ideas, philosophies,beliefs, experiments, research, redesigning of thoughts, and surveys to bring myths to reality. People contributed for science to study different aspects of nature to prosper mankind. These genius minds put a keen interest on every phenomenon right from when they … Read more