The SoJones Discussion: The miseducation of black america is in the kitchen once again giving you the best writing you ever saw in your life. Along with our hero of the day, Sir Charles Barkley, we want you to enjoy the back links we are serving up and leave a comment about what is going on. We all know Charles Barkley loves to speak his mind and in this case, he is serving up some food for thought to tame black America from all the unintelligent stuff out there. For this incident we go to the Seattle Seahawks, a team owned by whites with a black quarterback. The thing is, not many people think he’s black enough? Well he got his haircut in a black salon in that Microsoft commercial, remember?

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Here’s what Barkley had to say about Russell Wilson:

Wilson’s teammates didn’t think the quarterback was black enough. “There are a lot of black people who are unintelligent, who don’t have success––it’s best to knock a successful black person down ’cause they’re intelligent, they speak well, they do well in school, and they’re successful,” Barkley said on-air.

Now isn’t that interesting? I guess that is why SoJones made it a point to get to the root of what is popular. With Taylor Swift now a SoJones homie, we know to keep all races representing over here at the #1 site for hip hop clothes, opinions, and news. But who black can save the music industry other than Kanye right now? SoJones ain’t the new slave, we have been running the ground for a minute now! Back to Charles Barkely though with some more weird quotes:

“One of the reasons why we as black people aren’t successful is because of other black people. There’s a stigma that when you’re doing well in school, you’re “acting white,” or when you speak correct, you’re “acting white,” that’s bullshit,” he told VIBE. “You’re supposed to speak intelligent, you’re supposed to do well in school, and when blacks denigrate other blacks who are doing well, that’s part of the problem.”

Sir Charles also defended Wilson, saying, “Just because Russell Wilson is not a gangbanger, not a thug, that doesn’t mean he’s not black enough. He doesn’t go to clubs but that doesn’t make him not black.” “I’m learning my Hispanic friends went through the exact same thing. A Native American friend of mine went through the same thing. When he went away to college, [people said] ‘Oh you don’t want to be part of the tribe anymore.’


He's been a quote shocker for quote some years. @sojones
He’s been a quote shocker for quote some years. @sojones

 Some black leaders will do dumb things like sleep with the congregation while having AIDS, but there are others like Rapper Emaximus who will be features in our next article for breaking tons of barriers in independent rap music. Also, who has the right to judge any man for his journey on this earth? Let’s continue to help our black men and women with a way out. SoJones has the jug on tons of things like Toronto Gold and A new marketing company you can make residual income off of called Power Loop. Check back next week for details!

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