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Now that SoJones has the clothing/fashion game covered, we want to bring attention to a clothing brand we saw on the Kron 4 news. Oak Boys clothing line is based out of Oakland, CA and takes pride in setting people up with some fly gear. It’s more than just a vision now: it’s a reality that people that line up at Bay Fair mall and buy into now!

Hood politics. #sojonesoakboys
Hood politics. #sojonesoakboys

According to

At 21 years old, Khalil Whitaker and his business partner are already entrepreneurs. They started a business in East Oakland — it’s official name is O.A.K. A Town Business, but Whitaker explains, “Oak Boys is our nickname.”

And that’s what most people call the local clothing company that sells shirts with the nickname scrawled across the front, “OAKLAND BOOTY” shorts and a stark black hat that says simply “FUNERALS AINT NO FUN,” among other products.

If it sounds like Whitaker and his partner are targeting a small local niche, that isn’t necessarily their goal. They aren’t techies, but they want those tech dollars. They make their shirts appeal to hipsters.

The business started out of Whitaker’s car.

“Just doing it out the trunk on Instagram and popping up places and getting it off,” says Whitaker.

Today, Oak Boys has a kiosk inside Bayfair Mall in San Leandro. When they started, they barely had enough money to buy supplies. Now, their graphic T-shirts, sweats and shorts have blown up.

“You want it to keep up with all of their Nautica, Polo, Burberry, you know, and it’s just a graphic tee,” says Whitaker. “You want it to feel not like your other typical graphic tees.”

Town business. #oakboys
Town business. #oakboys

Since these young men know what potential buyers will be wearing with the clothes, all we can say is we are ready to possibly get the oak boys founders an interview with SoJones so that they can help fuel their dream for being one of the biggest clothing brands in the bay area. So what would you want to match your Oak Boys fit with?  Maybe some Akoo would be nice? Either way when you have rap star Keak Da Sneek reppin’ your clothing line, you know you are on to something special.

If they want these tech dollars they better get with the SEO family that reps up to Toronto and keeps it lit in East Palo Alto with rap legends Hyphalini and members of Totally Insane. Do you have clothing ideas that you want to bring to SoJones? We always have people in the bay area who are dreaming of making their own clothing line, and next week we will bring a vision of a west oakland cat named turf Chris who wants to make a clothing line with Skater Walker Ryan.


Keak Da Sneek supports Oak Boys clothing.
Keak Da Sneek supports Oak Boys clothing.

Now that you see that dreams can come true, check out SoJones weekly for more information about the hottest trends coming out of the Bay Area and worldwide! We only serve you up the fresh stuff that has the ladies wondering how you came up to be so fly!



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