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Nick Cannon in Timberland boots.
Nick Cannon in Timberland boots.

Timberland’s origins go as back as 1950’s when Nathan Swartz managed to get hold The Abington Shoe Company in Boston. He honed his skill in shoe making and started devoting himself into the craft. Few years later, his sons Sidney and Herman joined Nathan when he became the sole owner of the company. The Swartz ran the business in 1955, were in ten years time they launched the revolutionary injection molding process used in shoe making. From their discovery the waterproof Timberland leather shoe was also born. In 1973, the Timberland Boot was introduced and known for its “rugged durability and exceptional craftsmanship”. When the brand’s unique footwear caused such hysteria, the Swartz decided to change their official business name into “The Timberland Company”. Shortly after, they started producing quality handmade casual shoes as well as exporting in their goods to Europe and the Far East.

After going public in the American Stock Exchange, Timberland expanded in manufacturing men’s and women’s apparel as well as opening retail outlets in key cities like Boston, New York and London. Their trademark products include a hiking boot with a Timberland Trail Grip sole, Waterproof leather outerwear and accessories, Timberland PRO series, and Timberland Cadion, plus. Timberland has grown its brand parallel to intensive craftsmanship, first-rate innovation, and use of the finest elements.

Aside from being a brand that carries outdoor products, they have taken its values outside by organizing community services. Their enthusiasm over protecting the environment and instilling the right discipline and character on their employees paved the way for The Path of Service, where “employees are offered 16 hours of paid leave to perform service in their communities every year”. They have also taken into consideration the manufacturing processes by abiding on the set of guidelines given by Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies (CERES). Also the company has given an “advantage of a $3,000 stipend toward the purchase of hybrid vehicles” for its employees.

Mark Wahlberg talking a stroll with his family in Timberland boots.
Mark Wahlberg talking a stroll with his family in Timberland boots.

Timberland’s commitment doesn’t stop there, by recognizing natural disasters, they donated footwear and gear to the victims of Hurricane Katrina and extended its employee service sabbatical program with the Red Cross. Also the brand’s distribution center located in Ontario, California, was built to be run on solar energy and currently generates 60% of its power through the installation of these solar panels.

With a company so humane and caring in nature, for the environment and humankind, it’s no wonder that they have gathered a number of awards in their name, including: “The Best Places to Work for the next 10 years” (1997, Fortune Magazine), “100 Best Corporate Citizens” (2000, Business Ethics Magazine), “100 Best Companies for Working Mothers” (2004, 2005, 2006 Working Mother magazine).

Furthermore, its innovations have also gathered praises such as an IDEA silver award for innovation in design for Timberland’s PreciseFit system and Backpacker Magazine Editors’ Choice for The Timberland Cadion.

The Timberland Company continues to live their motto, “To create outstanding products, to try to make a difference in the communities where we live and work”. It’s a special kind of lifestyle that the brand exudes from its quality products.

Timberland Clothing

Timberland – the mention of the brand immediately garners respect and high opinion. The company started out as a shoemaking firm in the 1950’s and it hasn’t looked back since. If you don’t know this yet, it is important to note that Timberland actually pioneered the injection molding process. The shoes they manufacture are known for “rugged durability and exceptional craftsmanship” ever since its first launched.

The comfort, aesthetically-pleasing design, and quality of the product have spurred a revolution in the footwear industry. Never had anyone experienced the level of quality that this label offers. People today can still enjoy the same kind of quality from Timberland. Try on a pair and you’ll see the difference.

World-Class Footwear

Since their innovation on the shoemaking process is highly significant, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that Timberland Clothing soon became a major player in the fashion industry. What Levi’s is to denim jeans, Timberland is to footwear some have said. Indeed, from New York, Paris, to London, everyone is wearing Timberland shoes. Other urban brands have even copied the general styling of their footwear.

Their products can be worn for hiking, trekking, and other strenuous activities. You can be sure that the footwear is strong enough and it won’t let you down. Timberland is also a leader when it comes to innovating new ways to make footwear better. Their collection includes shoes with waterproof leather and trail grip sole. These make it possible for you to hike for days, even in the rain, with little discomfort on the feet.

Innovative Clothing

The dedication that Timberland shows into making quality footwear is translated into its apparel line as well. This label creates outerwear, tees, and pants that are fashionable, comfortable, and casual. They also have specialty apparel lines that are designed to withstand extreme conditions.

Besides its high-quality, the brand also ensures that their clothes will flatter your body frame. You can now look good while doing extreme sports or any other strenuous activity. The designers behind the brand also integrate distinguished elements into the clothes which sets it apart from anything else.

Timberland Clothing is considered a major lifestyle brand today. It connotes exciting journeys, unforgettable adventures, and exhilarating explorations on the things unknown. Whether you have a hiking trip planned for the weekend or are going backpacking for a few months, be sure to check out Timberland’s latest collections. Their products can make your trip hassle-free and memorable in a good way.

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