Top 10 Countries with the Lowest Recorded Crime Rate

When it comes to ‘crime and man-kind’, judging by everything that’s been going on from our very existence, it seems that these two are practically inseparable. Everyone reading this certainly knows the story of Adam and Eve, and the fact about the forbidden fruit; so you see it all started with a crime, and who do you think the law & order at that time? Yep, you thought it, The Almighty himself! We don’t really have to look that far behind in our history either, distinct and mesmerizing examples can be found if we simply look at the recent times itself. From bombings in not-so-safe public areas that are usually crowded resulting in mass murders to the killing of an entire royal-family-blood-line secured with the best of whatever money has to offer; crime hasn’t really been able to make much sense to us except for its ever increasing thirst for power and terror. However, even in all this envy and chaos there are some places in the world that haven’t quite lost their humanity, yet, so-to-say. Some countries in the world have been really successful in minimizing their crime-rates substantially, if not eradicated all of it, from their lands and seemingly their hearts as well. The indicators of crime rates are comprised by the number of murders per 100 thousand people, and the number of thefts and robberies in a certain period and may vary with time.

So, here we have the list of those ten countries that have the lowest recorded crime rates and well maintained law and order, in comparison to the rest.

10. Cyprus


Cyprus is an island nation in the eastern Mediterranean Sea and is considered to be one of the most peaceful places in Europe. It is one of the few places in the world where unlocked doors are a normal thing, even at night-times. The low crime rate in the country is for sure one of the major advantages due to which Cyprus is preferred by majority of European tourists.

9. Denmark


Peace of mind and a secure lifestyle is perhaps the one common thing among every Dane citizen living within the country. Security in Denmark is pretty tight with around 200 police officers for every hundred thousand inhabitants. With not much crime in sight and a murder rate below 0.1 per 100,000 people; it makes Denmark one of the safest places to live on the planet.

8. Iceland


Iceland is believed to be one of the only remaining countries where one can actually experience tranquility just swaying in the air. It is perhaps one of the only countries with only about 700 police officers who do not even have the authority to carry guns, simply because there isn’t any use of them. Prisons in Iceland collectively have only about 200 prisoners and even they are allowed to go home and visit their families periodically.

7. Ireland

ireland crime rate

Ireland boasts a very low crime rate, with only 0.32 occurrences of homicides per 100 thousand people. Although there has been more ‘’low level’’ crimes being committed since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, stats show that Ireland as a country has some of the lowest crime rates in Western Europe. More than 300 police officers are assigned per a population of hundred thousand persons.

6. Japan

japan crime rate

Japan is considered to be one of the safest countries in Asia, with a majority of citizens believing that the police are protecting them effectively from different attacks of the criminal world, and doing a very good job at it. The murder rate is up to 0.4 murders per a 100 thousand people and more than 200 police officers assigned for ensuring the safety of the same.

5. Luxembourg

luxembourg crime rate statistics

With an area of only about a 1000 sq miles and a population less than 600 thousand people; crime rates in Luxembourg is believed to have approached the zero mark. A tiny state considered to be the happiest nation in the world, according to the polls of people living in the country. Its size definitely supports the fight against crime as the country is ranked 179th in size of all the 194 countries of the world.

4. Bahrain



Bahrain has the one of the highest ratio of law enforcement forces in the world, with over 1900 policemen per a 100 thousand inhabitants. For a country with this kind of ratio indicator it is but obvious that the crime rates would be pleasantly low. Incidents of pretty crimes such as pick-pocketing and bag snatching are reported in old areas of the country however, incidents of violent crime are an uncommon sight for the people living in the country.

3. Hong Kong

hongkong crime rate details

For a country with the highest internet surfing speed in the world, Hong Kong has very low and equally enviable figures when it comes to crime and murder rates. With only 0.2 homicides per a population of 100 thousand people and almost a complete absence of thefts and robberies, the closest thing to crime one could encounter in Honk Kong would only be plain old pick-pocketing and nothing more.

2. Singapore


Considered to be the safest country in Asia and with the majority of population absolutely sure about it, Singapore makes it number two on our list. Murder rates are merely at the mark of 0.3 murders per 100,000 inhabitants, while stats on thefts and robberies are virtually zero, null. However, this could be the result of the severe laws that have been implemented in Singapore and also the fact that death penalty has still not been abolished from the law and many crimes are punishable with caning and other torturous measures.

 1   Switzerland

swizerland crime rate

With more than three countries that are considered to be among the ten most secure places to live in the world, like Geneva, Bern and Zurich; Switzerland is renowned and respected for the low crime rates it boasts. Even the crimes that have been recorded in certain periods of time, about half of it has been committed by foreigners. Peace, harmony and a tranquil atmosphere among the inhabitants and around the country, is ensured by valiant police officers in numbers of 216 policemen per a 100 thousand people making Switzerland the definition of safe-living, truly.

Final Conclusion:

Any country, regardless of their size, economy or even their political conditions, is in one way or the other engaged in the fight against crime, the only difference is some do it better and some worse. Crime happens all over the world, some negligibly small in scale and others that cause enormous and permanent damage to the society and the world as a whole. Even though crime has different branches and varied objectives in different places, the bottom line of it or so-to-say the root cause of it can surely be identified as the need for survival of the sorry and manipulation of these unfortunate by culprits driven with greed or even hatred.

Nikhil is musician by choice, writer by profession. Currently, studying Bachelors in Hospitality.

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    • verissimo , io ho vissuto in Svizzera e si puo’ stare ancora a porta aperta , l unica pecca il caro vita e la mancanza di vita sociale ..

    • We are Schengen-Member even we are not in the EU. Same law as in Italy or Germany. No border controlls to our neighbours, open bordersm And 24% foreigners, one of tje highest rates worldwide.

      • lol your name says it all. But the reality is that Miami, FL has more rapists, human traffickers, and pedophiles than ANY of these countries, and probably more than any 2 put together. Your statement is baseless and is a fail-troll.

      • Excuse me, most of those countries have white people. Japan is xenophobic as fuck, 99% of the people are the same race. Homogeneity is the key to survival.

        • So what is your point? I lived there for over 3 years and enjoyed knowing the odds of being criminally shot or robbed, etc was extremely low.
          Very nice country to live and visit where you can walk the streets in the middle of the night and feel safe.
          They have crime but very few shootings.

        • Yup but then you look at their suicide rate. I mean have you ever been to Japan? They all look the same. Black straight hair, dark eyes, flat faces, it’s like living with a bunch of clones. OK they don’t all look identical but people do things to try and change their look – blue contacts, pink hair, but they all are taught to conform and to respect each other. America on the other hand doesn’t respect anybody because we’re greater than the rest of the world. And we have the nukes and guns to prove it!

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      • Of the top 30 murder rates in the us the 30 cities on the list all have a African american population percentage over 65% do the research for yourself.

      • Is there ANY place in the US where the crime rate DROPPED when the population became blacker? highly doubt it. This is one reason why people want to move away when places become blacker. If places somehow became better, eg, safer, when those places became blacker, the people wouldnt want to move away; they would want to move TO those black places. But such black places do not exist.

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    • The world is more than Black/White. Latinos, Indians, Island Countries, and Arabs did not make the list either.

      Violence is not a color thing I know your primitive brain base everything on skin , pigmentation it is a human thing. First, not all Blacks do anymore than any other and second, I like the way you so generalize me and my whole entire group your very ignorant.

      • So Bahrain is not an Arab country you idiot?
        And by the way…it’s a series of islands.
        It’s actually in the top four.

      • Don’t worry about what others say. Singapore is a multi racial society. Theres a lot of different race in that country yet it still is number2 on the list. This speaks volume about how if people were raised the right way and governed with the right laws a country can still prosper.

        • Ya, mostly Asians of different nationalities & their cousins,
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  2. I wonder where Nikhil received his information. I’ve seen another list and looks like below. Burkina Faso 9.30- Mali 10.03 -Syria 42.26 -Cambodia 47.97 -Yemen 63.22 -Myanmar 64.54 -Angola 71.52-Cameroon 78.17-Vietnam 83.56-Bangladesh 89.66. Unless you are of course referring to “First World” countries.

    So please let me know your source and I will reveal mine.
    Thanks! 🙂

  3. it seems like Caucasians and Asians make up the entire list. it tells you the truth about people in this world, so I guess you could say this list isn’t politically correct Article.

    • John, you are a typical Caucasian-American which is completely different from the the so-called ‘Caucasians’ in those areas and locations. The people in those locations you are refering to when you say ‘Caucasians’ probably do not consider themselves as such as they do not want to be confused and/or put into the same group/category as Caucasian-Americans. Second, with a name ‘John Rose’, you are probably from the Southern area of the Americas which makes you the worst of the bunch.

    • Nope. It doesn’t. Singapore the number 2 on this list is a multi racial community. I grew up living, mixing with and playing with a lot of other races and grew up knowing that there is no difference between us. Putting people together solves problems. Setting them apart starts wars.

  4. Just checked, these countries have about no blacks in them. These countries are also primarily Atheist… I wonder why the crime rate is so low. I’m not racist or against religious people, I’m just stating facts. If you can’t accept the truth, that’s your own problem.

    • You’re only issue is China under Mao and Soviet Union under Stalin had 90 million deaths related to Atheism. But the racial part of what you said is right.

    • You have listed no factual evidence to back up your asinine, stupid, uneducated statement.
      Even Asian countries that do not overtly support organized religion have very large populations of people practicing religion. Even China has opened the door for more religion.
      You are really a stupid a*s.

    • many of them are atheist but in singapore they have the harsh punishments for crimes the other countries dont so that says alot….also in singapor marital rape and male rape are not illegal..
      In bahrain marital rape is not illegal neither is domestic violence. And human trafficking is rampant in that country,bahrain is now in a crisis so it should no longer be on the list.
      the majority of thr COUNTRIES on the list are secular. Singapore atheist population is 20%

      • This is a very astute comment. Always a good idea to look past basic stats to determine what could affect them. As you correctly pointed out, a low crime rate doesn’t mean the same thing in every country, when the definition of a crime is so different. The only way this list would be valid, is if every country agreed to the same criminal code.

        In my experience as an American, blacks and Hispanics commit a disproportionate number of violent crimes in relation their demographics. I believe blacks make up 1/2 of most prison populations, with Latinos being a 1/4, and whites plus other races together making up the other 1/4.

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  6. That is just a lie. Denmark has a high crime rate. Many victims of crime fall out of the statistics in Denmark. Again, great propagada

    • Denmark has a low crime rate (as do all the Scandinavian countries). Victims of crime fall out of the statistics in EVERY country.

  7. I would like to leave the U.S.A because of racism, lack of education, health, and wealth. America is not investing back into it’s people except for racism.

  8. Cypus on place ten, that had a war 30 years back ? Iceland as low as 8 and Switserland on top? Where are the absolute peaceful Faroe Islands? Where are New Zealand and Norway? And how can countries with capital punishment even be on the list?

    Someone has not done their research, so this list represent more wishful thinking than facts.

  9. Can you guys just shut up?? You CAN’T label a race as criminals and you can’t blame all the crimes of an entire freaking country on them. And I’m not saying this because Im black. I’m not. And Im also not just talking about the blacks when I say this, Im talking about all of us. Black. White. Brown. Latinos. Island people. Arabs blah blah. We shouldn’t even label each other with colours like black and white. It’s time we stop thinking whether something is racist or not and start thinking if it’s just not a nice thing to say. The world is more than black and white.

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