Top 10 genius Kids that astounded the World

Many people don’t really get in touch with their intuitive and creative side till they go under some serious mentally pressured situation in their lives; however for some tapping into that side of their being is something they master from a very early age, and that brings those people recognition and wonders of all kinds to choose from. From a seven-year-old surgeon to a multi-lingual 16-year old who can speak about 23 different languages, fluently, child prodigies seemingly fascinate the public with their superhuman intelligence and creativity. Even though they are regarded as whiz-kids and wunderkinds by the observant public, they still are just kids and teens doing what they love most.

Whether it is solving mind-boggling equations or building nuclear reactors, these underage ingénues fascinate the world everyday and astound even experienced and expert adults of the same field. So here we have the list of some of the ten extraordinary kids that astounded the world.

10.  Aelita Andre

[youtube_video id=”23hWMvSrZx8″]

Aelita Andre is a six year old, Australian born, abstract expressionist and a surreal artist that pretty much began to paint before she could even say the word ‘Expressionist’. Her first solo exhibition opened in New York City in the month of June, 2011; when she was just four years old. Born to an Australian father and a Russian mother, both artists themselves, said that as a baby Aelita often watched her parents paint for several hours and this way she was painting on canvasses before the time she could even walk properly, which was several months prior to her first birthday. She already has had couple of solo exhibitions and has sold her most expensive painting yet at a price of $24,000. At such small age, almost infancy for that matter, she has been able to catch the attention of some of the best in the industry and has already got exclusive media coverage and has also been press nicknamed,  ‘’the Pee-wee Picasso.’’

9. Ethan Walmark

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Another six year old, who is on the autism spectrum according to his doctors, seems to have an extraordinary talent for music and has bedazzled the world around him with it. He began playing when he was just four years old. He could play ‘’I will’’ by the legendary blues band The Beatles, on the piano just by listening to it once. He’s been a sensation on the social media website ‘Youtube’ and has gone viral with his latest upload, a cover of Billy Joel’s song ‘’Piano Man’’, boasting almost 1.5 million views.

8. Tsung Tsung

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Tsung Tsung is a child prodigy piano player from Hong Kong who has been featured on the famous Ellen DeGeneres show when he was only five years old, for his ‘Youtube’ video that had gone so viral that it even attracted conspiracy theorists on the social media website. However, the kid shut down all and any kinds of conspiracy theorists when he played the ‘’Flight of the Bumblebee,’’ a Rimsky-Korsakov composition. The child, who won millions of hearts around the world, confessed on the Ellen show that he aspires to be like the legendary Mozart, as he was also a child prodigy piano player and loved & lived music.

7 .Kieron Williamson

[youtube_video id=”6D-BheDvXqg”]

Another six year old on our list, is a England born watercolor artist who has already caught considerable interest in the UK media and is praised mostly for his advanced use of perspective and shading. He has already been declared an art prodigy and has already been featured on the ITV news. His works of art are showcased in different professional galleries all around his hometown, Holt, Norfolk. His painting abilities and the fact that he is just six year old has stirred the art world in the UK quite a bit. Although he is very young, his paintings are sold at very adult prices. In the month of July, 2010 at a subsequent exhibition held in Holt all his paintings were sold within 30 minutes, at a total value of $150,000.

6. Akiane Karmarik

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Akiane Karmarik, better known as the girl with godly visions, was internationally discovered and recognized for her realistic painting, poetry and extraordinary art when she was just 12 years old. Born to an Lithuanian mother and an American father, Akiane is currently 19 years old and is on the verge of becoming the world’s youngest God whisperer. She had already been selected as the most accomplished visual artists of the world by Tribute Entertainment and ABI from England and the United States respectively at the age of 13. Her parents were both atheists at the time Akiane was born; Akiane claimed that God spoke to her one day and he asked her to paint and portray her visions onto the canvass using the beautiful colors, at just 13 years of age and when her parents saw those very first paintings of God and the heavens she had envisioned, her parents returned to Christianity and had their faith restored in God. Akiane’s first completed self-portrait sold for a whopping $10,000.

5. Jacob Barnett

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A child diagnosed with mild-autism, Asperger syndrome, Jacob ‘’Jake’’ Barnett was born in the year 1998. He is an American Child prodigy and a mathematics genius. Barnett was interested in astronomy and advanced astrophysics at a very early age. He would often confound scholars and mathematical experts with advanced astrophysics knowledge and calculations at the tender age of three. He left high-school at the age of eight and was attending Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis advanced astrophysics classes. At the age of 12 he often startled his university professors with extreme understanding and a two-step-ahead nature in each of the advance and complex lectures. His professors believe that the next step for Jake is to leave class and take up a paid research role. Jake has recently embarked upon his most ambitious project yet – his own ‘expanded version of Einstein’s theory of relativity,’ and he is just 15 for crying out loud.

4. Kelvin Doe

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A fifteen year old African Engineer, and is better known as DJ Focus in his community. He is also known for teaching himself engineering at the age of 13 and building his own radio station in Sierra Leone, through which he broadcasts news and plays local music under the name ‘’DJ Focus.’’ At the age of 14, Kelvin was the youngest           person in history of MIT to be invited for the ‘‘Visiting Practitioner’s Program.’’ His accomplishments were documented by and were shared on the social media website ‘’Youtube,’’ the video had gone viral as expected and was later picked up by media giants like CNN, NBC news and the Huffington Post.

3. Tanishq Abraham

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Tanishq Mathew Abraham is an Indian-American child genius and a child prodigy who started loving all kinds of sciences at just the age of four. When Tanishq’s younger sister Tiara was born, he became the member of Mensa, the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world. They both scored 99 percentile on the Mensa’s approval tests, although her sister gave the tests four years later. Born in Sacramento, California, USA both the children showed signs of high IQ since their very early days. Despite Tanishq’s clear love for the physical sciences such as particle physics, astronomy and more, he tends to have broad interests that sweep all the way through music, medical science, chess, swimming and so on. He was first featured on the premier episode of the PRODIGIES show by THNKR, a youtube educational channel as his media debut and went on to appear on different local, national and international  news media and shows on channels like CNN, ABC, MSNBS, FOX etc.

2.  Santiago Gonzalez

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A 14 year old college student and a prodigy software programmer who has been speculated to perhaps be the next Steve Jobs, Santiago Gonzalez is a self-professed computer nerd who is fluent in a dozen different programming languages. He has already designed 15 or more iOS apps and dreams to be designing for Apple. He takes programming as art and believes that programming codes are beautiful and have to be written accordingly. He currently attends the prestigious Colorado School of the Mines, and will be well on the point to getting his master degree by the time he’s 17 years old. Santiago Gonzalez is so obsessed and so in love with programming that he claims to have seen solutions to programming difficulties in real life while asleep, that means, in his dreams.

1. Taylor Wilson

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Although at the mark of 19 years old currently, Taylor Ramon Wilson is an American nuclear scientist, who at the age of 14 became the youngest person in the world to build a working fusor. A Fusor is basically a fuse for nuclear fusion or inertial electrostatic confinement. At 17, Taylor went on to win the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair against 1,500 other competitors of all ages, with his invention the radiation detector. The project ‘’Countering Nuclear Terrorism: Novel Active and Passive Techniques for Detecting Nuclear Threats,’’ won the First Place and he also won the Best of Category Award along with the Intel Young Scientist Award all at the age of 17. From Reno, Nevada, Taylor was awarded the Thiel Fellowship in June, 2012, a two-year $100,000 fellowship awarded only to 20-30 exceptionally gifted individuals from around the world, under the age of 20.


FINAL CONCLUSION: Reading about these child geniuses and prodigies, doesn’t it feel like evolution and the change in DNA just left us behind? These kids have already summed up so much more IQ, intellectuality and knowledge about their respective fields, it’s pretty much more than we could gather in our entire lifetimes, even if you’re only 21 by now. These kids are the examples of the inevitable change in the evolutionary pattern, we humans have evolved physically as far as we could possibly evolve, now it is time for the brain and the soul to go through the evolution process and these extraordinary, out of the world kids are just a small example and assurance that the change is definitely occurring.